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  1. House of lies, etc.
  2. Actually, I know how Tom and Kelsay did. I was just surprised that a Wichita-area tourney didn't have a thread and was curious as to how everyone else did.
  3. Anyone have results for this?
  4. Or 34 Senators and 136 House members.
  5. The one thing I actually like about the consult CP is the critical thinking required of all four speakers at least on the perm flow.
  6. T - USFG is all three branches ASPEC Multi-actor fiat bad Agent CP
  7. Rob, I agree with you completely on all but the last point. Edwards's support in New Hampshire isn't exactly strong - he's not the New Hampshire style, so I don't think that even if 2/3 of Edwards's core moving to Obama would have a huge impact. Granted, that's assuming a win in Iowa doesn't bump him up substantially in NH as well.
  8. Perm severs out of the immediacy and unconditionality of plan action, etc.
  9. Dude, they're not even close to being old-school.
  10. I heard 50 Cent and Ludakris are entered in Freestyle - is this true?
  11. You are a frightening man, Larry.
  12. Seriously, at least in Wichita, the argument that seems to be a silver bullet for most negs (especially against food aid and vaccine affs) isn't even mentioned. Why is this? Is there some gaping hole I'm just not seeing?
  13. The voters look a lot like T.
  14. Andromeda


    I didn't know Nick had a sister. So I heard sems was 2 VC teams and 2 Buhler teams. Any idea on the results?
  15. Cross-X of 1A: "So you're trying to turn disease survivors into a super-race?" "We link to your kritik, don't worry." "Okay. Um, how are you today? How was your drive up?"
  16. Damned lies!! You do! In fact, you have a new reply!!
  17. I judged that aff at ONHS last year. I'm just glad they hit SME for me.
  18. Andromeda


    I'll be judging Friday, but sadly not Saturday.
  19. Awesome - I'll make sure and be there. Now I just have to make travel arrangements. EDIT: Nevermind... I'd already promised to judge WEast - and likely will be coaching there as well - and didn't realize when I posted this they were opposite each other. Sorry.
  20. When is your tournament this year? I would very much like to judge for you, and the sooner I can put in my leave request the better.
  21. Just don't run a Bush Bad scenario...
  22. I'd like to run FiscDisc in front of a U.S. Senator.
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