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  1. Ick @ gitmo, ooh @ renditions. >=D
  2. Effects T maybe, but I've always run FXT cases and have never lost on the issue.
  3. Actually, for plan I was thinking of doing something with no apparent side effects besides decreasing the credibility of the USFG with the American people, decreasing its ability to utilize biopower, etc. etc.
  4. I'm thinking of writing one, and I guess I'd just like some input as to outline, plan suggestions, etc. I was thinking of a generic I. SQ = biopower A. USFG has _________ policy B. _______ policy reinforces biopower II. Biopower, among other things, justifies search w/o PC Plan Advantages
  5. PICs are, I think, good for debate. They make the aff defend their advocacy. Hell, if you lose to an agent CP, then really all you need to do if your agent really was inferior is to change your agent, which ends up strengthening your case.
  6. thanks to both of you, and we just got an update in today that made me smile. tag: "The demand for an alternative is an additional link to the Kritik."
  7. how does one get around the blatantly obvious fact that no concrete alternative exists?
  8. from a strict policymaking standpoint the topicality of a CP (or whether or not it's a pic for that matter) is irrelevant. from that standpoint, all that matters is which policy is best. my personal opinion (which is just that - an opinion) is that topical CPs mean there are basically 2 affs. so no matter which team's plan you adopt, you're still voting aff. the whole point of debate is, first and foremost, to affirm/negate the resolution. i can't really think of any legit reason to vote neg on a T counterplan, discounting the whole affplan framework vs rez framework, which i think is pap anyway. then again, just one man's opinion
  9. to be quite honest, i would hope that judges' personal opinions of me would be irrelevant in deciding a debate round. also (not to be offensive, just wondering), furthermore, no, this isn't all i live for, i just had some time left before school after i typed up an english paper, so i figured i'd check out the tourney thread here.
  10. im coming w/ andy daniels (VC), who from maize is in varsity? templin and partner? To all those who it may concern: The message I posted, before being edited by a mod, was extremely insensitive, and I was on my way to edit it myself - I have apologized to the offended parties and am ashamed of my insensitive comments.
  11. run analyticals saying that most gay people aren't going to join the military in SQ b/c they are raging liberals who hate the wars in iraq and afghanistan, so there are no significant harms in SQ. or, if you want to actually win, just point out that all they're really doing is getting rid of don't ask don't tell, which is actually not searching @ all, and get them on T. also, K's work well too.
  12. mostly because of all the squirrel opportunities (e.g. herbal remedies, dolphins, zoos, eminent domain, etc.). also, T is impossible because USFG can't decrease its own authority. super, i got to start w/ a bad topic (mental health) and end with a bad topic (civlib). i wish we could just debate the UN some more.
  13. i was really hoping for LA, wtf. the FT debate would have rocked, and i heard more about africa and national service last year than i ever want to. just one night of a few 3-minute speeches on nat'l service sucked, but a whole year of policy debate? africa might not be too bad, but i'd get sick of the malthus stuff too - that was another one of our congress reses. hopefully 07-08 will be better
  14. if it's a question about the K/case... case is to adopt a test case that overturns Bell, which allows for body cavity searches w/o PC in prisons. the K says that reforming prisons is bad because it gives them legitimacy, and that's bad. alt is to abolish prisons and create sweeping social reforms that eliminate the need for prisons (e.g. rehab).
  15. k, so here's a situation i'm anticipating w/ my new aff (bell v wolfish) if you bite a link and can't really argue the imps, wtf do you do? do you perm? say alt is infeasible? help = much appreciated
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