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  1. Alas all the people who are in debate, all have one thing in common. What is that do you ask? Well here it is....they debate. Ok maybe that was quite corny, but i just felt like saying that anyways. This year my debate career ends until next year. It makes me sad, for i was on one of the best teams in the area. Alas all i pray for now is that they have a debate team, where i am going to move next.
  2. My case is Rendition. Rendition can be thought upon mulitple levels. One such level is that Extrodinary Rendition is simply the transporting of people, which it is. The USFG gets the 'word' that these people aren't going to be subjected to any harm, thus all the USFg did was transport people. However the neg team may say, "Well Rendition is a matter to be mainly argured upon torture." It isn't. The U.S. can not stop torture that other nations commit. What they can stop is the transporting of people to places for questioning. Whether or not the US. knows the prisoners are going to be tortured is besides the point.
  3. In 2 days, I'm going to my first compition. My policy debate partner has broken his finger, and he's bringing his laptop to flow. Firstly, one should always have 2 hard copies of their 1A speech. One with notes for their reading, and another for the other team, in case they request it in a cross-x. Plus you don't have to disclose your other evidence. In our district you are not allowed to access wifi in the middle of a competion.
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    Help me. I am about to participate in my first competion and i truly need a little more filling in on how to do my role as the 2-a position. I understand the basics, as I am going to re-illerate my 1 a partner, and that i have to make the last impression. Anyother tips would be quite nice. I'll check my pms and also I'll check back here.
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