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  1. Problem has been resolved... too well, I've actually been overcompensated now... so now I have to return one of your payments somehow haha. Also, I feel like this whole thing could have been avoided if the invoice part of the site were functioning? I might be an idiot (ok I am an idiot) but isn't that what it's for? I provided you with more than enough information both times. (the same information that worked this time) So please, make a bad experience a little sweeter, and exclude the egregious claims. Thanks
  2. edit; I owe the administration an apology here. I'm a presumptuous asshole, and these outstanding gentleman deserve more credit. Been resolved; ps I'm an asshole
  3. This has been an ongoing problem for a long time. I tried to request a payout at one point as well, no response and my "credit" was reduced to $0. I've pretty much declared all of the money from any evazon sales I've generated as a "donation".
  4. Hi, I'm from bla bla high school and we are having a fundraiser. Please donate or I will throw this brick through your window
  5. impact turn the net ben or lose to the might of Consult China!
  6. No shit, that's what I've been saying this entire fucking time. I'm glad you're almost on the same page finally. "The only reason any of you talk about it is nationalism. You only give a fuck inasmuch as those people could have been you or your loved ones." You still haven't responded to the fact that it is literally impossible to mention all violence (or all bombing take you pick)... For the last fucking time, my point has never been to identify with all violence, that's fucking stupid. (I'm sure you can relate) I will say this as simply as I can. This is where I draw the line, a step short of a hand puppet show for demonstration. Bombings happen every day No one gives a fuck This bombing happens People give a fuck? Somethings clearly broken and very evidently "off" here. and why did you restrict yourself to only bombings? Is this, like, seriously a real fucking question? You've got to be the best troll on this website. The casualties are irrelevant for two reasons: 1. I was showing this as an example of the frequency of attacks. Coincidentally, one happened HOURS after my original post. Well what do you know, these things do happen every day. 2. Do you have any idea how much fucking madness would ensue if a rocket was shot into the US? I mean, seriously, do you have ANY FUCKING IDEA OF THE FUCKFEST THAT WOULD BE UNLEASHED? Teach me proper grammar and I will teach you what a clitoris is.
  7. I never said you shouldn't care, I'm saying you DO NOT care. You pretending to care is just a facade for the sake of your own gratification. If you and others really cared, really felt empathy for victims, we would acknowledge this happens every single day. A perfect example: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/18/world/middleeast/rockets-fired-from-egyptian-sinai-land-in-israel.html?_r=0 I don't see anyone in the world mentioning this... why? Because you don't care. If anyone gave a fuck, it would be on this website. It would be spammed all over my facebook news feed, and it would be interrupting the broadcast for some shitty baseball games. But it isn't, because you don't care. So why all of a sudden do you care about this one particular bombing? Because it effected rich white folk, much like yourself?
  8. So wait, are you not aware of the epidemic of violence in Israel, the middle east etc? You should be painfully aware by now. These bombings happen every fucking day. When did my claim become "all violence"? [quote=Bannister] but that doesn't mean we should be apathetic. blablablabla etc. But you ARE apathetic. If you and others really gave a shit about innocent people we'd hear about it everyday when it happens in Israel... just like the spamfest going on facebook etc. The only reason any of you talk about it is nationalism. You only give a fuck inasmuch as those people could have been you or your loved ones. You don't know people in this bombing, nor people in bombings in Israel etc.. That means that in relation to you they are the same. Complete strangers. But for some reason you care about this bombing and not the hundreds of thousands of others? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  9. I hate to be "that" guy but I'm already sick of people pretending they care. Don't try to tell me you do care, because I can prove you don't give a fuck. Did you personally know someone effected by this? More than likely the answer is no. Well guess what, this same shit happens in Israel/Palestine damn near everyday and guess what? You personally don't know someone effected in those tragedies either, nor do you give a fuck.
  10. I'd like my narcissism to be treated narcissistically by a narcissist
  11. The debate shouldn't even come that far... Impact turn that shit. There's a reason we're not a bunch of dirty hippies in the woods trading sticks anymore.
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