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  1. Another issue to consider is the potential abuses that the debater receiving questions could participate in. There's a reason I don't believe that cross-x should be flowed and evaluated in the same way that the speeches are, and thats because cocky asshole A can just talk over cocky asshole B thats trying cross-x him/her...
  2. I hate the nation I live in..... .... .... ....? EDIT: I don't really understand why the person who neg-repped this post thinks its not possible for me to live in a nation, but only a nation-state, state, etc. I'm flattered that you're so proud of your semantic distinction between these concepts that you think it justifies being an ass - however, I should hope in the future that you consider coherently articulating your thoughts, rather than simply assuming yourself the more intelligent. I do, in fact, live in a nation. If you have a problem with that, then you can fuck off.
  3. wtf... at UNT debate camp... I'm in my lab room, and your sig is written on the board....

  4. Banana


    yeah uh dude There are definitely two people from Louisiana who will not be killed as a result of the decision. Good job doing your research!
  5. You have a low threshold for the concept of a god, then. I appreciate the god of oil who, as a product of his creations, causes it to burn and move my car.
  6. I'm not really interested in arguing with you - but I hardly consider Smith's analysis to be religiously-oriented. OBVIOUSLY, his works are a discussion of economic laws.
  7. The title of this thread implies an economic analysis or economy-oriented article would follow. I was sincerely disappointed. EDIT: To the neg repper who has never read about Adam Smith or his invisible hand: You're unqualified to make judgments on the validity of this post. ANOTHER EDIT TO NEG REP: LOL on the Cheney quote.
  8. It was a rhetorical question. The point was that we are not anymore 'doomed' if McCain or Obama wins the presidency.
  9. The question is has society - meaning the people living collectively in the geographical boundaries of the United States - net gained or net lost quality of life as a result of the existence of the Federal Government.
  10. Hmm... I think the term 'doomed' would be better to describe our situation concerning global warming, or nuclear weapons proliferation, or the deteriorating health care system. It seems like Obama and McCain would attempt to address some of these issues. Anyone here believe society is worse off because of the existence of our government?
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