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  1. We usually put turns on the racism advantage- like trying to solve for one sort of racism will cause more... Deference turns work well too.
  2. My friend ran "should=advisory statement" in class, and then said he didn't have to affirm the resolution because it was just a suggestion.
  3. What are some no voter arguments? I know of Lit/Clash checks and reasonability, but I have trouble arguing those (on the aff, at least). Help?
  4. I like it when this DA is run against us. It's insanely easy to turn because one of our advantages specifically increases relations and prevents conflict.
  5. That happened to one of our teams once. The coach scared them and they weren't sure how much to disclose, so they gave plantext and advantages (they still won though- haha). Now we only disclose when they ask, and then only disclose plantext if they specifically ask for it. If they get pissy we tell them our coach only allows plan text disclosure. I think disclosing makes the debate more fun. Sure generic DA's and CP's are easy to beat, but they're blocked-out and boring. (We run a less-common case, so we get these a lot). Oncase turns/attacks and specific DA's are more interesting (especially because you know the case better than they do).
  6. Yeah... I'm looking for the space aff (stop satellite searches or something similar) or answers to it.
  7. My partner keeps telling the judge to vote aff when we're neg and vice versa. I love her. I enjoy referring to my evidence as 'delicious' or 'tasty'
  8. Is it still up? Do you have a link?
  9. What is cx remote? I was searching the archives and it was mentioned but I have no idea how to get there.
  10. The Skinner case basically overturns Skinner v. Railway Labor Executives, which is a precedent that allows the government to randomly search federal employees for drugs. (At least, that's what I gathered from my teammate's flows). I have to write a T block for it... what would you recommend?
  11. What's the difference between a reverse voter and an independent voter?
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