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  1. Thats what i meant, I had a lot on my mind when i was typing that.
  2. Can someone send me a World Trade Organization CP please? Thnx!
  3. Ive decided I like regular copy paper but in colors so it is easier to find. I flow all of the oncase on one paper and then off case on their own pages. Using colored paper works the best cause If you use white paper for your evidence, then it gets lost easily.
  4. Correction, you brought it on yourself, I did my own research for my team and then helped Haley and Brit when they went onto to state.
  5. I believe these are the college tournament dates: http://www.ndtceda.com/archives/200607/0137.html
  6. Amanda debated all four years of high school, freshman year i did ld and then switched over to cx until i graduated. I did extemp at a couple of tournaments. I have judged cross-x and student congress before. Looking to judge tournaments in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I will be attending UTD in the fall. email: debatechick@gmail.com
  7. 3. Even though it's difficult at times, you still work on it
  8. Who are the best authors for/against international law?
  9. I miss high school debate:(
  10. We have a debate team and a speech team.
  11. I would say the one with better argumentation. Just because you have the card doensnt mean it should be counted as true or right. The debater must convince me to vote for them because of their cards, not just read a card and blip it all the way through. If there isn't any analysis behind it, their isn't any reason to vote for that card.
  12. I used to do all of my research and I found it to be a LOT more useful than trading evidence (I stopped researching myself because I became lazy). When I did my own research, I knew the cards I had and what they said, and if I needed a specific card, I knew if I had it or not. Doing your own research would be more beneficial for some people but if you are going to be lazy, then it wont be. Maybe a mixture between the two would be useful, because trading evidence does have its benefits.
  13. like when your computer crashes in the middle of a very important round out of nowhere because it is a crappy computer.
  14. and now all you use is camp evidence.
  15. I went to Galveston for 4 days, and the only other thing i have planned is work. blah:sob:
  16. I joined debate because I was a very shy person and I figured it would help me accomplish my goals of becoming a lawyer. I stayed in debate because of the high it gives people, learning new things and being able to compete without getting hurt. One can meet so many cool people in debate! As for recruitment, a few of the debaters go around the AP/GT History and Geography classes @ the end of the year and go over to the middle school. In the classes, we take powerpoints and have a discussion while at the middle school, the coach tells a little about debate and then the members have a list they pass around that has reasons we have thought of to join debate. On the last day of school, we have a "newbie night" for all interested people to come to and check things out.
  17. You probably do know more than me but you dont have to be rude to someone you dont even know. How would you know if I need a confidence boost or not? To the contrary of what you believe, I do need more confidence boosts than you think. Debate is a competitive sport and everyone needs all the help they can get instead of people who can't do anything but put others down.
  18. get a life, seriously, dont you have anything better to do than try to hurt people?
  19. How would you know, you dont even know me. Thanx for boost of confidence though.
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