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  1. Ben, learn to take a joke! If you are going to post a vid of yourself on the internet stroking a trophy and calling it Betty you should be prepared for people (including me obviously) to make fun of you. If you are emotionally sensitive you shouldn't ask for it. Lol k sick?
  2. wes- i really loved your working title "buy him a drink first". this is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. need only watch the first 5 minutes and you might want to punch ben in the face if you didn't beforehand. = rave reviews
  3. Colleyville heritage (aff) vs damien St. Francis vs rowland hall-st. Marks Bye James Logan
  4. Round 13 Ladue vs damien rowland hall-st.marks (aff) def. Gbs (2-1) Olathe vs saint Francis Minneapolis south vs James logan Bye colleyville heritage
  5. I didn't want to start a new thread sorry mike and lauren.
  6. lolz thank you "think for yourself" though you deleted your comment it was read by me. As for "beeyotch" lol your previous posts in other threads are quite entertaining. At least the bad novices, like yourself, in missouri know when to shut up and not start impossible threads. You are moving to missouri? Clearly interested in the activity, but you approach our state with great hostility...why? The people you meet on this thread and this forum are the people with whom you are going to compete. Walking all over them (I personally no longer compete in this state) in debate rounds is never going to happen until you build the skills necessary to compete with Missouri debaters. No matter how bad you think they all are, you are going to be infinitely worse with your attitude. Experiencing your first year of debate does not qualify you to talk down to anyone. It really only qualifies you to keep learning. I've experienced four years here and I can safely say that it has changed drastically in those years. Perhaps when you move here you could continue the transition through a positive outlook on debate as an educational competitive activity with a "high school musical" attitude. "our standards" and "fag"...seriously...seriously . you shouldn't think so little of a state you do not know (or care to know). I don't care how idiotic and naive you are. It's offensive! lol please leave.
  7. It takes real bravery to come into any state's forum and start a thread stating that you have heard their debaters suck. No less it was titled "yarg"...? Congratulations asshole. There are definite structural and methodological (that are improving) barriers that prevent the national circuit success that many states are recognized for. I would also say many in this state as well as in Louisiana probably don't like the idea of grouping all schools within one state into one category of good or bad. Even schools that are traditionally great policy schools have bad teams! Every state even likes to point at other states as "worse off than them" because of the strange workings of state associations. Does that mean that their aren't kids in districts of missouri that will have great success in high school or beyond? Does that mean that ALL missouri debaters suck in comparison to louisiana debaters? I would say definitely not. The exceptions to the rules are always working to have the majority in this state. I have no idea how you plan to start a constructive discussion of this topic or whether you ever wanted to...
  8. This year the Kansas City/St. Joseph Diocese had 5 teams at NCFLs. I wanted to bring this up in the thread because recently MSHSAA approved schools to attend one tournament after districts during the school year. This one tournament could include NDCA, the TOC, or NCFLs. The past policy was that a senior-senior team could attend the NCFL tournament, but that is a rarity. The teams that went to the tournament this year were able to attend because our school year ends before the tournament starts. Now the luxury of going to the tournament could be provided to many. The qualification process is conducted by Randy Pierce, Pattonville Coach and head of the diocese. The qualification process could potentially expand to actual district competition. I think it is important that more Missouri schools start joining so as to be even more prepared for NFLs and to achieve more national recognition. NCFLs is made for the versatile teams that come out of this state and allows you to compete in front of a variety of judges and teams. The tournament might appeal to Missouri coaches for many reasons because of the efficiency of the tournament (5 prelim rounds), no oral critiques or disclosure of decision, and to provide even more debaters and speech kids with a nationals opportunity. This years policy tournament had 121 entries. I hear the tournament overall had 2009 entries (forrealz). Hit up your coaches and express your interest! it's in omaha next year, which would be an easy drive for missouri teams. http://www.ncfl.org
  9. I'm attending wake forest and debating. Probably majoring in political science and philosophy.
  10. have you ever been to state before? This upcoming weekend. April 24th debate through semis. 25th is finals around 3pm.
  11. From Missouri: Greenwood Lab GM Pembroke BS Pembroke ? Pembroke ?
  12. I lol'ed! but: You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Organization XIII again. Elijah, you are a nice kid but this thread is hysterical. People talking about their dream teams is not useful. It's better to play politics and collect plan texts once the season starts. Cut the predictable stuff, no one is going to surprise you. "Jack Chen" if that is your name. It should be publicly known that your jokes aren't funny, just sayin'!
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