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  1. Could I get a copy? xchariotx@gmail.com Sorry for being a late poster.
  2. At best, I think its more of a "your impact is inevitable" argument.
  3. i have been doing parli now for two years, and the major problem i see with parli is the lack of warrants that exist in this form of debate. its extremely hard to have an actual debate over a policy when you cant read evidence to prove something to be true, and usually when people give you those warrants they are usually really bad. the idea of "no prep time" also are really annoying, and i think this means parli isnt as educational. just having the 7 or 8 minutes of the speech before you to think of good arguments with good warrants isnt really enough time to think of multiple good arguments without cards. i also think that if the round isnt policy based, and is fact based or value based it invites judge intervention. for example, a value type round usually makes a judge interject their own beliefs into their decision. if the judge prep-round believes utilitarianism, for example, is good then they are going to pref that side of the resolution. overall, i personally prefer any type of evidence based debate.
  4. From what I know, Hutch MM made it to octos.
  5. Thats weird, I only won one round on Inherency my 4 years of debating in Kansas. GTFO.
  6. The funeral is Tuesday at 10 at OLG Church in South Hutchinson. I'm not sure how I'm feeling. This all feels unreal.
  7. Name: Ryan McFarland School: Hutch Community Major: Political Science Debating: Yep
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    http://wwwcms.hutchcc.edu/www/student/forensics.aspx?id=8666& Here is the site for everything that you need to know about HCC. I can't really answer much about the dorms/food as I have not been to HoA. However, I do know that the staff at the HCC camp should be pretty good.
  9. xskeetlikeawaterhosex


    Go to the HCC camp! Its cheaper!
  10. The TOC doesn't allow for independent teams.
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