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  1. Usually this topic happens pretty early. I am surprised it has not yet. And with a lot of people heading off to camp this summer, it would be a good idea to start. Want to start posting different ideas for different affirmative and negative positions we can expect? Affirmative Negative
  2. It's bullshit. I have a very good friend who was just deployed to Iraq a few weeks ago with the Army and another who is going in a few weeks with the Navy. He's not stopping anytime soon.
  3. Audit


    Can the art of debate itself be a discursive war?
  4. Nobody in Oregon debate really checks cross-x, nor travels. If you're looking to get hired, contact the coach at South Eugene. That is just about the only program that travels out of the region and doesn't have their parent judges on lock-down.
  5. I wrote one, its pretty unique and creative. 1/3rd of the evidence is a recutting from camp files. The aff specifically, and the remaining 2/3rd of the evidence has never been cut before (as far as I know). I doubt you will run into many people running this aff, especially not with this spin on it. It's pretty critical. I don't do debate anymore and thus have no incentive to trade. If you want to buy it, I am more than willing to sell. Holler at me.
  6. Was anything like this distributed in any of the HS camps?
  7. I am sticking with my original post. Snack tubs FTW.
  8. At least 6. 10-20 is a safe bet I suggest you fill them primarily with air and chips.
  9. K, I don't think it really even matters in the end. Steve Pointer is a well recognized and respected member of both the high school and collegiate debate communities. Maybe if you got to know him on a personal or professional level you would have seen the true Steve Pointer: the excellent debate coach, the excellent debater, the excellent mentor.
  10. Although he can be a dickwad sometimes, Pointer legitimately deserves the most respect from any high school or college debater. He has been the assistant coach for Gonzaga and coached their team to their successes. He has been an astounding lab leader, which has had success at the GDI tournament (and even the kickball tournament, which is all that matters). He is a wonderful critic, although known for some sketchy and potentially bias decisions, who can provide you with life-changing (because we all know debate is life) post-round feedback. Just because he pwned you two years ago at the GDI doesn't mean you have to be a crybaby on cross-x. He didn't act unprofessional at all. It wasn't that you broke some unwritten law/code, it was that you paid nearly nothing for the two week program, walked in, got the CD, and uploaded the evidence online immediately after. You did not contribute to the first wave, or anything. It would be completely different if somebody who was a scholar or a four-week student were to upload it (although, still shunned upon). My two cents.
  11. I want to start off by saying that I was in the same situation when I walked into high school. Our coach was well prepared to teach me how to do dramatic interpretation, compete at the national tournament and advance far. Sure, that helps if I wanted to run a performance aff... but really... she was a lameduck. Bless her heart, she tried her best. But in reality, she was just there for logistical planning. When my soon-to-be partner expressed interest in doing something beyond public forum debate, more specifically, policy, my coach chuckled. She pretty much said "I can't help you; good luck". However, she was helpful. She helped fundraise and pay for us to both go to debate camp and hire other coaches in the region to help. Usually, coaches aren't all about helping their kids win. Although they never wrote us arguments, or would talk to us specifically about arguments, we used local coaches to teach us the fundamentals of policy debate. We compensated them. I'd argue that where I got the true foundation in my skills is from post-round critiques from current college policy debaters. I would collect emails, AIM screen names, etc. and discuss in-depth what we did wrong and how we should fix it. 20 minutes post-round of coaching, six rounds a tournament, thats 2 hours of coaching each tournament. We would take notes of this, go back, and self-coach. My partner and I were really good at realizing what each other did wrong. We would each other what we did wrong, tell each other how to fix it, and do rebuttal redos. We did a lot of prep work, more than a lot of teams because there was only two of us. In the end, we ended up being successful debaters. Don't get scared of not having a coach, so many prominent debaters are coachless. Email around some local community members, add some judges on facebook -- tell them your situation, and a lot of people are going to be willing to help. At least, they were in my region.
  12. You all should join if you are at NFLs this week. "Registration begins very shortly in Birmingham. We're asking you once you register and find your codes (whether they be CX, LD, or PF), please do one of three things with it: 1) Email it to me at - jmiller@gaforensics.com or reply to this message, 2) You can text or call me with it - 404-514-8002, 3) You can tweet it to me directly @bluetub."
  13. Yes, Audi gives us each our own cars and pays for the gas to drive to/from/around tournaments. They also fly us in their corporate jets. In return, I use this username. Their marketing department is convinced that having a name very similar to Audi is all they need to market to the younger generations.
  14. We're sponsored, but there is nothing in return. It is more like a donation, but they call it a sponsorship, and they advertise it on their end. Hey, look at what we do, we fund national debaters. Buy our product!!
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    flow sheet

    Just make one, it'll take you 30 seconds. 1AC 1NC 2AC 2NC 1NR 1AR 2NR 2AR done.
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