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  1. I am not sure if anyone has posted this yet but Miami 3 Week: http://www.mediafire.com/?e35xmczsntc
  2. I think it may unfortunately be your computer, it works on mine
  3. anyone that has been to miami before how lax are they on rules? how much free time do you get? is oxford actually interesting? also do scholars/3 wk have a tournament together or get to interact at all?
  4. For the item titled just "Plan II" on the page there is no specific aff lab where you write an aff, however you are placed in an aff theory lab based on a diagnostic debate, for the one titled "Plan II experienced" the lab leaders pitch aff ideas (last year there were 2 labs) and then you basically choose, both of the camps get to choose neg labs from about 8 choices after neg lab leaders pitch ideas, however you do not always get your first choice (the neg lab leaders are all of the lab leaders at the camp at that times, but for aff lab they are the leaders listed under each part of the site for that particular part of the camp) Hope that helps!
  5. caffeineprincess


    ya some of planos kids will be roaming too
  6. would you mind sharing some love? inspiredcturtle@aol.com
  7. well I was really looking for these cards because I'm working on an aff w/ rape impacts for next year where women who are raped are often marked for death..so it's a much different situation than for persay people who are raped in the US
  8. I need impact/framework cards relating to rape and HIV. Or pretty much anything you have relating to these topics...especially cards that talk about how rape is the hugest dehumanization and such. Please contact me(PM, email (Inspiredcturtle@aol.com), aim- inspiredcturtle thanks! O I have lots to trade
  9. does anybody have any other 5A results?
  10. caffeineprincess

    TFA Results

    In quarters Greenhill HA picked up over Churchill OM in a 2-1
  11. o and to my knowledge, I'm pretty sure richardson doesn't have policy teams, that's not east texas anyways, thats north dallas
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