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  1. Eli Woody Sophomore, now at Washburn after a year at KU elgin.woody@washburn.edu 4 years of Debate and Forensics at Topeka High My true love is Forensics (interp), but I'll judge Debate, too. And I can usually keep up in speed rounds, as long as I've had my coffee.
  2. Jeri, I'll check with the debate people at THS and then get back to you with the date for the tournament!
  3. Yeah they were, Donnie. I'll miss them....
  4. The "Topeka Invitational" you're referring to may possibly be the "J. Matt Hill Tournament" that is hosted by Topeka High. Usually that is the weekend around November 18th or so. What else did you want to know about it?
  5. Dude....Shane (SBillig) is in like 2nd or 3rd place, yet he lives in Lawrence. I thought everyone in Lawrence had a mass bracket-burning bonfire at halftime of the KU game....I know I did. Oh, by the way just so all those KU fans know, there are Mizzou fans buying shirts again. They're horrible. FRONT: Buckley University BACK:14 Bradley (score) 4 Kansas (score) 15 Bucknell (score) 3 Kansas (score)
  6. I hate the new wording for one reason, and one reason only; it's so long, the resolution ITSELF is bound to take up 3 minutes of the 1AC. That gives us room for what, an inherency card, and that's IT?
  7. Pam loves those boots; I swear, she wears them every day. I would have never thought her to be a pink person. lol. Also, her comment to "Mr. Oyler" at the opening assembly was hilarious.
  8. 1) Mike Jones' music is terrible at best. I could try to make it big time by making an entire song based off my name, but I don't have the whole...two syllabyl (sp?) thing going for me... 2) Originally Posted by King-Dibs Mayamo Mike Joooooones, punta Mi llamo??? it's not spelled like mayo with "my" in the middle. Spanish 1 apparently didn't sink in.
  9. Who won that round between Giroux/Rosen and Miller/Oyler? I left early and haven't called anyone to find out.
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