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    Vlad Dracula(son of the devil)
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    Order of the dragon
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    Killed more people than anyone else ever including 30,000 merchants for selling goods on Saint Bartholomews day
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    Killing the Turks and the Boyars
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    Genocidal ruler of Transylvania
  1. I apologize for offending anyone or the tournament. I shouldn't have been disrespectful.
  2. It is a judge that likes multiple worlds and negation theory they don't care about policy they are looking for a reason to vote the aff down not pick the neg up.
  3. I spent 3 hours on the phone with an indian woman telling me how to take apart my computer. It took 5 tries to establish my first name which is actually vlad. somehow she thought there was a B and an s in my name it went downhill from there.
  4. I was judging a mock debate today where there was somthing I have never seen before the aff team ran 2 and a half minutes of e spec and were still going strong I had balled this flow up after the 2 ac and tossed across the room. they didn't catch that they also didn't catch my lack of flowing of the minute and a half of e spec in the 2nc when I asked at the end of the round they claimed they were using it as a time suck. It was quite funny and then the 2nr kicked everything and it became hilarious.
  5. I need a congress specific Disad and pres power good
  6. Its to bad there parents drank before they were born. If they didn't they could do policy.
  7. when have you hit bunkerbusters and how is it topical
  8. Hortonville changed there wasn't oringinally going to be a novice or jv division but there were because of a all merrill v4 division.
  9. wasn't that the premence of an awful videogame
  10. by saying that you attacked the ethics of every doctor on earth.
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