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  1. I will back that up... I have ran against that and Gitmo so many times this year that its not even funny. Its a easy case to beat only(depending on how well you know it and how much you add to it) If you run it the right way as with almost anything then you can win on it. You will prob. hit a lot of CP with this case though.
  2. the more words the more cases and leway on T
  3. Oh. There has been a change on who cairo is sending to CFL it will be Cairo DD and Cairo TC.
  4. Thank you warren. It really means alot to me and im sure Blaine as well for your support. Congrads to Fayette and C-ton as well though.
  5. Thank you Jeff. Its nice to have support on me going as a freshman to nats.
  6. Wow it going to be a small tourny.
  7. That would be great. Tomboy7077@yahoo.com
  8. Thanks Mrs.V I appreciate you writting back and letting me know. I will talk to Mr. Smith about it since he is the one choosing our camps. Thanks, Diamond
  9. Could you post a JV and Varsity list?, If you can.
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