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  1. Tbizzle

    Florida Debate

    I apologize for not listing all the schools that make up the Florida circuit and in actuality I was only trying to help one that was interested in joining this select community. The teams that I did not name are indeed vital and shape the Florida debate community as we now know it and in no way do I dislike them in fact I hold alot of the debators and coaches in high esteem. I have always been pretty chill with every one as most people around the circuit and I do regret this thread got a little hostile. In frustration I stooped to a level below common decency so I hope yanksfan that you do indeed have a great year next year.
  2. Tbizzle

    Florida Debate

    And you wont be at the TOC good luck...home
  3. Tbizzle

    Florida Debate

    There are great times in Florida that have been showing up all year pretty well at national tournaments. However, it seems that there is a lack unity in the Florida circuit and sometimes judges are highly unqualified. Despite the negatives there are still great teams and coaches in the abundance of the "bad" ones. Tampa Prep, Berkeley Prep, Palmetto, Columbus, my school (Fort Lauderdale). All of these schools make up the unity in policy debate in Florida. Although there are competitive teams the speech side of debate is heavily emphasized and has been for years which is why it is so hard to find an abundance of coaches who are experienced and able to flow in a "national style round". Panama City = I am very uneducated about debate there all I know is that it takes alot to debate in Florida because the best practice comes from out of the state or at the state tournament so one has to be consistently motivated by external factors whether it be a the team or individual coaches.
  4. South Florida - I think we are called the Manatee District Fort Lauderdale HS Melvin Washington/Vanova Robles Fort Lauderdale HS Chris Mair/Tyler Boykin
  5. That, if not the best, is one of the best affs in the country right now...its just true
  6. Thanks, Chris and I are just happy that we finally got our first bid even it took us flying all the way out to snowy Utah to get it. I loved the tournament and I wish you and everyone we debated a great year!
  7. Tbizzle


    props to my boy rains...Florida's coming back man
  8. Tbizzle

    Florida Blue Key

    It was a fun round try to convince Sykes to go man we would really like all of you to be there it would suck for Florida to lose its only bid. Tell him T-boi wants him to go the most. Does anyone know if Milton is going?
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