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  1. What were the results?
  2. Yeah I saw it was Ohio Valley this week also.
  3. Who is going down to Cairo this weekend?
  4. From my years of debate Westminster did send Rajash/Anushu to Cairo one year. I believe two years ago to be exact. And yeah my first varsity tourney was at Brookwood and I had to debate Rajat/Chen in the first round no less. But I do believe there is a lack of the "bigger, better" teams from Georgia going to the in-state tourneys here.
  5. People from Cairo, yeah we're small Justin Drew-University of Georgia-definitely not debating Luke Connell-Yale University-not debating
  6. We hope to be sending some teams there next weekend. I dont know how many but atleast one hopefully.
  7. I think that Cairo will be bringing 3 Varsity This is the NCFL qualifier for debate right
  8. CairoDC09

    South College Plans

    Justin Drew Cairo High School Cairo,GA Applied and accepted into (UGA) And Im posting for Luke Yale (accepted)
  9. CairoDC09


    You could stay at the best western but you would probably be better off staying in thomasville
  10. CairoDC09


    We're looking for this to be the best tournament we've had in years. Mr. Smith has worked really hard to build this program into a success and wants people from all around to get involved. If you want a great tournament and a great time all-around, then you should come down to the Syrup City. I believe Mr. Smith has the invitation posted on Joy of Tournament, but I just thought I'd offer a little invitation of mine.
  11. I believe Utah should have a chance to play in a BCS bowl again, but I also think that the BYU game will be the deciding factor. However, if they go to a BCS game and lose big, I think the committee needs to reexamine who they let into these games. Go Dawgs, even though they continually disappoint me with shaky wins
  12. We should be bringing both of our varsity. Justin Drew/Luke Connell Tia Huntley/Kahja Washington I really dont know what novice or J.V. are coming
  13. What are the dates for NFL and CNFL this year? The qualifiers and the actual tournaments
  14. I think we will be there with two varsity.
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