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  1. I have actually been attending WSU for the past semester, and have changed my major to Philosoph and economics. So the post of mine isn't that accurate.
  2. 11 at Century II right? (Concerning finals)
  3. Name: Nicholas Fucking Hawthorne Destination: Wichita Fucking State Major: Poly sci Debating?: If the God King Eric Robinson approves (yes)
  4. hahahaha Wipeout! na na na na na na na na Trying to sing through typing doesn't work, but you should sing that song in round. Do it when I judge you. I will hug you. I guess what I am trying to say is happy birthday. Perhaps I will bake you a pan of brownies and put candles in them.
  5. I'm starting to enjoy this. Where is checkers from?
  6. I wasn't there, but damn clinton.
  7. Andrew... I'm telling you, I take the most dissapointing season award. That is our sunflower representative.
  8. There needs to be a most dissappointing debater spot on this list, so I can be on it.
  9. Hmm... I'm glad highschool is over in three days. This tournament was fun. Christian and I had a very uneventful season compared to last year. oh well. Congrats all.
  10. Fifth round judge: pre-round- I debated CEDA for a year, so I can pretty much handle anything you can throw at me. post-round- What the hell is a K? Criticism is spelled with a C.
  11. John Cook "do what he want".
  12. Thank God phil kline is gone... shpa... that piece of shit. And Marcy Gregory has a possibility of winning the 93 district house seat. Hooray.
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