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    colonize space and search for alternatives among the planets, or just use alternative sources for energy such as possible oil fields on mars
  2. i agree w/ sean, and you could add sp solves counterbalancing sp solves terrorism sp solves disease sp solves middle east war all mostly nye i/l's
  3. anyone have this piece of ev? its the emerging diseases impact from pg. 132 of Killer Germs from 1996 if someone could post it here i would be very thankful.
  4. weston has a team(s)? me and ben won't be going, we're tied up with other things unfortunately we'll be at bronx tho so we'll see you guys there i guess
  5. lolz china cp // d-porn. yay. dolla dolla bill ya'll.
  6. ifg104

    Yale results

    did they give speaker awards?
  7. do you think this aff is T? whats the best violation to use?
  8. i didnt really want this to turn into a T argument with everyone bitching, but i guess thats unavoidable....why cant people just realize that maybe this event is a little more important than whether its topical or not..? this could potentially save many lives and i was more interested in talking about how this whole thing could go down and how the water could impact the lives of africans
  9. ifg104

    Darfur Discovery

    how does the discovery of this "underground lake" impact a water case? or does it? i know that this lake is supposedly like the size of massachusetts, but idk how much water that actually provides for people in and around Darfur...do you think this has the potential to significantly minimize the amount of violence and conflict in the region....or is that just a bunch of shit that they are throwing out there so everyone feels better about themselves and we can take the guilt off of our minds? also, maybe and aff idea?--provide necessary infrastructure to distribute and maximize the effect that this water could have....just a thought. give me your feedback i think this is a pretty interesting finding
  10. or you could just go for china cp and avoid the china relations disad? i think the strat becomes too one dimensional when it is simply answered thru hege good/bad cards and not the warrants of the actual argument. i think goin for china cp and avoiding the link of "china gets pissed at US for aid to africa" is better because its more plausible and opens up more impact scenarios. even though the disad can probly be spun the same way with a link saying US gets pissed at chinese action -- even tho it won't be nearly as strong as the link going the other way in the normal disad because 1. hu jintau just visited 8 countries accross africa with a summit meeting making arrangements for all types of trade agreements/aid 2. US empirically uses diplomacy to leverage themselves agasint china w/o military pressure whereas china is much more likely to freak out post plan and cause the impacts. US is probly more likely to impose more trade restrictions like the restriction on glossy paper passed a couple days ago
  11. soft power, poverty, aids?
  12. i made a dope K for this word, "native" specifically for the indigenous LSA language case. hit me up maybe we can work something out.
  13. ifg104

    [AFF] Landmines

    the ICRC writes some pretty compelling stuff about landmines having a direct impact on over 5 public health assistance areas, which are arguably effects T, but what about landmine survivor assistance coupled with demining in order to get out of the the T debate? amputee victims are not given the care they need to be re-integrated into society and this kills 1. physcological status 2. local econs 3. family structures and causes burdens to be placed on women/children --> kills culture. Just an idea. As for the actor debate; the US tech stuff is pretty advanced, spider boots and bombs and the $ to do it and stay commited. and the there is the US commitment key cards that say they are the linchpin to getting the world to solve landmines worldwide. And ya, sub-saharan africa is specifically ravaged with landmiens even though they have signed the treaty, they have no iniative and/or tech/personnel to take signifcant action for demining. And, if you look at the State Department's Humanitarian Demining Program, the areas that they work in are survivor's assistance, demining and education. Education as another possible way around FX? US HMA solves in three independent areas of public health assistance—clearance, education and survivors assistance US Department of State ‘6 http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/68529.pdf the three major pillars of humanitarian mine action (HMA) are: mine detection and clearance; mine risk education; and mine survivors assistance. depending on the needs of a country, the United States may assist with financial support in one, two, or all three pillars. research and development in new demining technologies and advocacy and diplomacy are also considered by some to be components of HMA.
  14. ive thought about making this K myself because st. john's runs this and their in my state, but i dont think there is enough offense and ultimately the debate will go aff because what they are arguing is actually true and will actually work (especially if the 1ac is critical). aside from this, there are other alternatives and better ways to get a TON of offense against this case and different ways to get around the native/american indian discourse you just have to look for them
  15. st. johns what affs are you guys running? idigenous languages LSA still? or sumthing diff...
  16. pretty sure they are relaxing the bid system, because ive never debated with elder before and we're definitely in the field...
  17. Manchester EG (elder/graham) will be there. who else is goin?
  18. i got it... its actually pretty fucking sick you guys are all wrong in your interpretations however, it basically says the individual should go out on their own crusade and kill as many people as they can, thus filtering out the weak. Liberation is obtained via these crusades, the cards are all very warranted and shit. i likeeee it.
  19. and what about an adv off switching ppl from smoking cigg's to start smoking pot -- there is an article in the "African Health News" thread that talks about more africans taking up smoking of ciggarettes. i could see maybe an adv about avoiding toxins etc.?
  20. ill ask mr. jewett tomorrow in class and let you know
  21. defense on case and spending. they'll claim to solve the economy but their cards won't be updated enough and with the specificity of your brink cards -- means you access the impact quicker and they get no link turn cuz there will be no economy to save.
  22. does anyone have any more info about this aff..., like who broke it, did they win, wat was the text etc...
  23. ifg104


    looking to trade for this CP; homeade preferrably but ill take a camp file if any were put out. PM me, got lots to trade
  24. ifg104

    Genocide Numbing

    what aff's do you guys see this applying to for this year?
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