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    I'm a redneck who likes to fuck, hunt, ride dirkbikes, and snowboard. I like to hang out with the boys, shoot shit, and just chill, I guess. You fuck with me, I'll kick your ass.
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    not aberdeen.
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    Debate, hunting, fucking, fishing, golfing, and fucking.
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    Professional Pussy Fucker.
  1. Anybody willing to help with a backfile to the ICC Aff from years ago...any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Varsity Policy 1st Thompson/Culhane (h20)
  3. Yankees Red Sox Tigers Phillies Steelers Chargers Patriots Giants Jets Cavaliers Rangers Devils Notre Dame Duke Georgetown
  4. Its ok, everyone grows up eventually. I am sure you will have your turn.

  5. there's policy in south dakota???? someone should create a pfo camp...could mean money.
  6. wowomg.com


    best website ever.

  7. Name one stellar player. John Elway went to 3 other Super Bowls prior to TD. All losses, in fact, all blowouts. Why? Because Denver didn't have a running game. Not to mention, look how poor the Broncos have done in years they haven't had a running game. The way Shanahan ran the West Coast, a strong running game is critical.
  8. I've gotta mention Bo Jackson, wow. I can't believe he hasn't been brought up more times in discussions like these. Granted, Jackson never won Super Bowl or MVP award, but he was dominant for the few years he played in the NFL. He was the original "prime time'' athlete, playing in the NFL and MLB. I remember his first highlights from his first Monday night football game, just dominant. Super fast. Another running back, Terrell Davis. In his first four seasons, he rushed for more yards than any running back in history. Not to mention, he was the reason the Broncos won back-to-back Super Bowls in 1997 and 1998. Just a badass up until his career ending injury.
  9. Go Gophers. My favorite college team. I hate Sid Hartman, I was home this last weekend and he was ragging on the team, saying they wouldn't win 18 games. Fuck the Star Tribune. anywho - this guy is badass.
  10. thursday night game jets at patriots the rest cowboys at redskins vikings at bucs ravens at giants raiders at dolphins saints at chiefs texans at colts bears at packers eagles at bengals lions at panthers broncos at falcons cardinals at seahawks rams at 49ers chargers at steelers titans at jaguars browns at bills
  11. broncos at browns sunday games ravens at texans rams at jets bills at patriots packers at vikings seahawks at dolphins jaguars at detroit titans at bears saints at falcons panthers at raiders chiefs at chargers colts at steelers giants at eagles 49ers at cardinals
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