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  1. I cannot emphasize how much I agree with this comment, specifically on judges HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE having to do work. tell me where and why to vote. please. i cannot remember the last time i was told where to vote and why.... (well, in any version that makes sense. I've been told multiple times to vote on the "dropped xxxxx flow" when the other side clearly answered that flow.) Please remember that judges keep flows too, and when you tell them to vote on "dropped arguments", if they aren't actually dropped, we likely won't vote on it.
  2. It's been a while since I was around/judging, but I'm bored at work, and will be out a lot more this year, so I might as well waste some time. I'll start by saying that I was a CP/Disad debater in high school and that is what I know best. K i understand somewhat, but I need you to help me out a bit more. This also tends to make for a fairer debate in kansas i've found... How does the judge feel about Topicality? explain your violation well, win standards. I think T is a voting issue and won't buy T isn't a voter. However, Extra/Effects T are imo slightly different, and i will listen to FXT/XT not a voter arguments How does the judge feel about Conditionality(the abilty to kick out of a position with a text at any time)? Iffy. I tend to lean towards condo bad, but if you defend the theory, you defend the theory. How does the judge feel about the Kritik? explain explain explain explain explain. don't just name drop and say biopower a bunch and expect me to pick you up. i dont know much k literature, so i need you to tell me. i dont have a problem with kritiks--as long as i can figure out your argument with the aff. How does the judge feel about non-textually competitive counterplans? okay, but defend the perm How does the judge feel about counterplans without solvency advocates? if you can logically prove that it works, and they cannot logically disprove you, you can be your own solvency advocate. How does the judge feel about Plan Inclusive Counterplans? fine, but consult is iffy. i'll listen to theory on both, but more likely to vote on it against consult than, say, XO. How does the judge feel about Word PICs? dislike. How does the judge feel about Representational PICs? meh. How does the judge feel about Politics DAs? go for it How does the judge feel about speed(not the drug)? if i can understand you you're good. slow down over theory and t though, and punch tag lines. What paradigm does the judge evaluate in?(this is somewhat silly but cliche) For example, Offense/Defense etc. Policy Maker. It's hard to pick me up with no offense, but it can be done. win a disad + defense or cp + net ben and you pick up on the neg. can't do that, i go aff. pretty simple.
  3. i'll jump in for some research. sbillig89@gmail.com
  4. now now, no need to be hostile! that was really a well played game by both teams. The only person KU had that looked comfortable with the ball was Sherron, and so all MSU had to do was double him and the game was essentially over. Our inexperience showed that last minute, but I was really happy to see how hard we were working on defense. I've heard that you are a very young team (i dont know your roster well enough), but if that is true and collins/aldrich come back i would LOVE to see a rematch again next year. Good luck the rest of the tournament, you are one team that i would really like to see win it all.
  5. oops, had you and someone else mixed up that would explain the stephenson bitterness trust me, KU fans have been feeling jilted on recruiting all year, I know how you're feeling. Stupid Xavier Henry....
  6. Mostly agree, but Woodside's strength is in his deceptive athleticism. He was great at getting to the hoop and then setting up others, where they had 3 or 4 lights out shooters on that team. They started off the game hitting like 5 or 6 of their first 8 3's. After that Woodside singlehandedly kept them in that game. It's really hard to blow a team out when they have someone who was as good as woodside was that game. Add that to the nerves of a young team playing under pressure, i honestly would not have been surprised if we had lost against NDSU. the percentage is misleading because normally dayton has the athletes to go to the rim and get high percentage shots, but that wasn't working against aldrich, and so they were forced to settle for jump shots. they are a BAD jump shooting team, have been all year, and KU just exposed them for that. I will agree that we have played better basketball on the year though, largely on the offensive end. Certainly a fear of mine, but I think a large part of how poor we seem to have played recently is the pressure of the tournament and being the favorite against us. The entire team just seems tight with the exception of Sherron and Cole. Now we are no longer the favorites, and we have revenge on our side against MSU. I wouldn't count on seein the same KU that showed up against Baylor. This KU team seems more than any other i can remember to rise to the challenge. If KU plays as well as they have at parts this year (MU at home, @OU some others also) I think KU will pull it out. Can't say I disagree with any of this, except that I like KU and wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if MSU won. Can't wait for the game tomorrow, and I wish your team bad luck!
  7. I think more than just the fact that KU and MSU will know at least a little bit more of the others tendencies than normal, the revenge factor will come into play for this game which is something you really aren't accounting for with this post. There is NO doubt in my mind that KU will come out fired up and ready to roll. Knowing how good of a coach Izzo is, I expect MSU to come out too, but don't expect this KU team to roll over and die like they did in East Lansing. EVERYONE was in foul trouble that game man. KU had two of their primary post players foul out--in 22 minutes COMBINED. That is one of the worst games I have seen KU play this year, and most I've talked with (even MSU fans) admit that that was one of the better games that MSU has played. Something else to keep in mind: KU's other starters and key reserves not named Aldrich or Collins in the game at East Lansing: Freshman Taylor 18 min, 1/3 for 2 points, 0 assists, 2 TOs; Averages 26 MPG, 10 PPG, 3 APG Freshman CMorris 8 min, 1/2 for 2 points, 0/2 FT, 0 Reb; Averages 18.6 MPG, 7.5 PPG, 4.8 RPG Freshman KMorris 14 min, 2/4 for 4 points, 3 rebounds, Fouled Out; Averages 15.5 MPG, 4.7 PPG, 4.4 RPG 3rd game of season (recovering from injury), Little 8 min, 0/1 0 points, 3 rebounds, 1 TO, Fouled Out; Averages 14 MPG, 4.8 PPG, 3.3 RPG That's a total of 8 points, 6 rebounds, 1 Assist, and 2 DQs from 4 key players who cumulatively average 27 PPG, 14.7 RPG, and 6 APG. Morningstar and Reed were our only players outside of Collins and Aldrich who had games close to their normal statistical output and they were slightly below their averages as well. Now give credit to MSU's defense, but the homecourt advantage and the toughness of MSU took a toll on the inexperienced players KU has. There is a reason why KU went off on a tear following that loss (16 of their last 19 games), and I think its because they finally realized what needed to happen. I would disagree in about NDSU. They had a bad draw with Aldrich, but if they play most other teams they come out with an upset. The only limit to that team was they lacked the ability to shut down a lottery pick center. Go back and watch Woodside and tell me he didn't belong on the court with anyone in college basketball this year. He would have pulled a number on Lucas or Walton faster than you could blink just as he did against Collins/Taylor/Appleton. He was this years Stephen Curry--just couldn't quite pull off the miracle run that Curry did. Against dayton, we did everything we needed to do offensively, but the shots just weren't falling. we had our 2 best 3 pt shooters miss at least 5 or 6 open looks that game--both of whom shoot around 40 percent for the year. Brady Morningstar was among the Big XII leaders in 3pt percentage but went 0/4. If we shoot our normal percentage on open jump shots we blow them out in the first half. Note: they DID shoot about their normal percentage on jump shots, their offense is all about getting to the rim which is where Aldrich played such a big role. I think you will see a very loose, much improved Kansas team from the one you saw in January. I do not expect to win, but I will be VASTLY surprised if this is anywhere near a blowout--for either team
  8. yes, even if sherron is on, ku can lose, but if he's not on, ku loses period..... what's so hard to get about this? as a kansas fan i have to believe that sherron can get hot 6 straight games and we can run it. is ku unbeatable if sherron is on? no, but ku becomes infinitely better when he is. will ku win a single game in the tournament if sherron is off? i'd pick north dakota state over us if sherron isn't on.
  9. ah man talk about misinterpreting. sherron is NOTHING like danny manning, i'm fully aware of this, all i'm saying is that if sherron is on, he can get teammates involved and knock down the shots that can keep kansas in the tournament. If sherron is off, kansas loses--PERIOD. the only similarity that sherron and danny have are that they are both vitally important to the team. if danny had been off, ku would have lost, just like if sherron is off ku will lose. my statement was merely that if ku were to win the title it would be because sherron channeled danny manning for those 6 games--and that as a fan i have to believe that he is able to do that. I did not mean to try and compare sherron with danny manning
  10. look at what chris mentioned above. will ku win? highly doubtful. did i pick them? hell yes. what else do you want me to do? Lemme tell you a story about a KU team that was 12-8, going to miss the tournament.... they finally were able to string some wins together and made the tournament as a 6 seed, but on a roll. They proceeded to make it to the elite 8 where they would almost assuredly face number 1 seed temple... if not for an upset by the K-State wildcats. Given the gift of revenge (having lost to the wildcats earlier in the year), KU advanced to the final 4 as a 6 seed in a year they started off 12-8. Their tournament was over though. Yes, they had the benefit of playing in Kemper Arena, but they were facing Duke who had already come into Allen Fieldhouse and defeated them earlier that year, not to mention the pasting they had received at the hands of duke two years prior in the final four. But miraculously Duke missed some shots, Kansas created turnovers, and waltzed into the Championship game against the Oklahoma Sooners who ALSO had beaten KU during the regular season.... Led by All-American Danny Manning the 6 Seed Kansas Jayhawks won the 1988 title in dramatic fashion after starting 12-8 and planning on visiting the NIT. Now you're telling me to believe that Sherron Collins can't do what Danny Manning did and carry this team, will this team, of role players to a title? I'm sorry sir, I just can't do it.....
  11. how many times have you seen Aldrich shoot a 3? I don't care how he looks when he shoots it, he's one of the highest percentage free throw shooters on the team.
  12. As an alum of Lawrence High I just thought I'd add in the little I know of Gottlieb. I am well after his time, but Gottlieb and his high school partner Chris Francisco were among the best teams in Kansas during that time from all reports I have heard. At least 3 coaches in Kansas remember them in High School and say that they were the best debate team they had ever seen--including at least one who says that Gottlieb was the single best debater he ever saw. They still hold many of Lawrence High's records, like wins in a season, best speaker average, win percentage etc. Francisco didn't debate in College because the university he attended didn't have a debate program at that point in time. I was also informed by someone that Gottlieb was voted debater of the decade by the college circuit, not sure on that.
  13. Does anyone have evidence that XO's can pass loan guarantees? Thanks!
  14. Nichols/Dean. They have a WAGON. can't beat the wagon.
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