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  1. I can personally attest to the intelligence and creativity of Lawrence Chang -both as a debater, and an educator. I advise any school in the Los Angeles area to give him serious consideration because I feel that he would be invaluable no matter what program he was put into.
  2. Lmao I can personally guarantee miles is not a senior
  3. still no results from RHSM AF v. Gulliver???
  4. does anyone know round 6 results of either Brophy v. Carollton or RHSM AF v. Gulliver
  5. Patrick Berger and Justin Chan are both going to Cal next year. Justin's for sure not debating, I'm undecided.
  6. Digital

    Best in Washington

    JOE LEDUC DOES STRAIGHT UP POLICY DEBATE?! Shame on you, Joe. I thought we had something special.
  7. Word on the street is that at this oh so legitimate and glorious invitational James Logan BC achieved the prestigious honor of being the non-advancing 17th seed.
  8. Digital


    Can someone please post speaker list?
  9. Oddly enough, the 2NR was neither G-Spec nor O-Spec but was instead O-G-Spec. I kid you not. Congrats to all the teams that cleared, and harris and vivian on a great showing.
  10. Rowland Hall St. Marks wins. congrats to Arsht and Mario - one of the most underrated teams in the nation making the West proud
  11. Ya Boi Herschey Fresh Mehta With The W!
  12. Explosive Poetry (12:11:13 PM): yo barkozzz510 (12:11:17 PM): who the fuck is caldebater2010? barkozzz510 (12:11:21 PM): on cross-x Explosive Poetry (12:12:28 PM): i dont know I can assure you Logan has no idea who the hell they are.
  13. Hey y'all, Justin and I haven't decided if we'll be able to go yet. Just wondering Doug, is SF going to be entering teams?
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