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  1. Still looking for a copy of this if possible: ilnivek@gmail.com Much appreciated
  2. I'd also like a copy: ilnivek@gmail.com Thanks.
  3. if you have a computer the internet is a great place to get news. i rarely watch news on tv but i have 2 or 3 news sites that i go on every day to read the headlines and any interesting stories.
  4. The real news of the tournament is that Sara walked over Jonathan in semis.
  5. This sounds on the right track; from what I understand Rumsfeld was the only one that wanted RMA and was pushing for it against objections from congress and army leaders. Now that he's gone, I imagine there won't be much of a revolution.
  6. That CP doesn't solve your heg advantage, so engage them on that debate - they're in trouble if you win the heg flow. Make the solvency deficit argument against the CP and impact it. Beyond that, you can find US key warrants to make general solvency deficits - I know there are "peace corp brand name key" cards out there. In addition, you can research specific differences between the US and Japanese peace corps (maybe there are things the US has/can do that Japan doesn't/can't?), and maybe cut a disad to Japan action. Also, the permutation is very good in this debate if the only net benefit is the Hardt and Negri thing. The perm is probably the best option if you win a substantial solvency deficit to the CP ad some offense or defense on the heg turn. Also, if you win that poverty is the biggest impact in the round - which I think Gilligan sets you up very well to do - then the perm wins. Good luck in the future against this CP.
  7. Not wrinkly enough to be Yoda.
  8. I'm with Daauh on this one; watch the documentary before you insult someone who has. You don't have to agree with everything - it'll just help you facilitate informed discussion.
  9. I think it's much more plausible that the government had word of the attack and chose not to respond than the government staging the entire attack. Were the latter true, there would probably have been leaks after the event, but seeing as there weren't it's more realistic that just a few high-up officials received word about the attack and made the decision to let it happen. This explanation is consistent with the evidence of insider trading and skyrocketing of bids on the used airlines right before the attack, but fails to account for the demolition-like collapse of the trade centers - even those not hit by planes - and the evidence of the supposed hijackers alive and well.
  10. Wait, that treatment was meant to be torture?
  11. Once Waizer begins singing Barbie Girl, it's worth doing anything to make him stop.
  12. Supposedly a helipad was constructed shortly before 9/11 directly in front of the wing that was hit by the plane.
  13. From Wikipedia: 4,000 Jewish employees did not attend work at the WTC on 9/11 This claim made by Al-Manar, the television station of Hezbollah, has been repeated by a wide variety of other sources, such as Amiri Baraka. The original Al-Manar claim, posted September 17, 2001 on the English language version of Al-Manar's website, was: "With the announcement of the attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, the international media, particularly the Israeli one, hurried to take advantage of the incident and started mourning 4,000 Israelis who work at the two towers. Then suddenly, no one ever mentioned anything about those Israelis and later it became clear that they remarkably did not show up in their jobs the day the incident took place. No one talked about any Israeli being killed or wounded in the attacks."[174] Al-Manar further claimed that "Arab diplomatic sources revealed to the Jordanian al-Watan' newspaper that those Israelis remained absent that day based on hints from the Israeli General Security apparatus, the Shabak".[174] It is unclear whether al-Watan (a minor Jordanian newspaper with no website) made these claims or who (if anyone) the alleged "Arab diplomatic sources" were. No independent confirmation has been produced for this claim. In some versions of the story circulated on the Internet, the title was changed to "4,000 Jewish Employees in WTC Absent the Day of the Attack" from its original "4000 Israeli Employees in WTC Absent the Day of the Attack", spawning a further rumor that not only Israeli but all Jewish employees stayed away. On September 12 an American Web site called "Information Times" published an article with the headline "4,000 Jews Did Not Go To Work At WTC On Sept. 11," which it credited to "AL-MANAR Television Special Investigative Report." According to Slate.com, "The '4,000 Jews' page is easily forwarded as e-mail, and this may explain the message's rapid dissemination."[175] The rumour was also published; according to the United States Department of State "Syria's government-owned Al Thawra newspaper may have been the first newspaper to make the "4,000 Jews" claim... its September 15th edition falsely claimed 'four thousand Jews were absent from their work on the day of the explosions.'"[176] There were a total of 5 Israeli deaths in the attack (Alona Avraham, Leon Lebor, Shay Levinhar, Daniel Lewin, Haggai Sheffi), of which 3 were in the World Trade Center and 2 were on the planes. (4 are listed as American on most lists, presumably having dual citizenship.) Early estimates of Israeli deaths, as of the total death toll and the death toll for other countries' citizens (e.g. India) proved substantially overestimated. George W. Bush cited the figure of 130 in his speech on September 20th.[177] The number of Jewish victims was considerably higher, typically estimated at around 400;[178][179] according to the United States Department of State A total of 2,071 occupants of the World Trade Center died on September 11, among the 2,749 victims of the WTC attacks. According to an article in the October 11, 2001, Wall Street Journal, roughly 1,700 people had listed the religion of a person missing in the WTC attacks; approximately 10% were Jewish. A later article, in the September 5, 2002, Jewish Week, states, "based on the list of names, biographical information compiled by The New York Times, and information from records at the Medical Examiner's Office, there were at least 400 victims either confirmed or strongly believed to be Jewish." This would be approximately 15% of the total victims of the WTC attacks. A partial list of 390 Cantor Fitzgerald employees who died (out of 658 in the company) lists 49 Jewish memorial services, which is between 12% and 13%. This 10-15% estimate of Jewish fatalities tracks closely with the percentage of Jews living in the New York area. According to the 2002 American Jewish Year Book, 9% of the population of New York State, where 64% of the WTC victims lived, is Jewish. A 2002 study estimated that New York City's population was 12% Jewish. Forty-three percent of the WTC victims lived in New York City. Thus, the number of Jewish victims correlates very closely with the number of Jewish residents in New York. If 4,000 Jews had not reported for work on September 11, the number of Jewish victims would have been much lower than 10-15%.[180] The figure "4,000" was probably taken by Al-Manar from a Jerusalem Post article of September 12 (p. 3) which said "The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has so far received the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack." This number was obviously not (as Al-Manar claimed) restricted to employees; in fact, Tsviya Shimon, minister of administrative affairs for the Israeli consulate and mission in New York, said on September 14 "that there might have been up to 100 Israeli citizens working in the World Trade Center".[181] Furthermore, many Orthodox Jews left for work later than usual that day due to Selichot (additional prayers recited around the time of Rosh Hashanah).[179]
  14. Loose Change (2nd Edition) Watch this documentary and share your thoughts.
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