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  1. How is it? I haven't really heard anything good or bad about it.
  2. Nah he will be like Tupac.
  3. Seriously. Also you need to watch out for that concrete cause it will mess you up. Not sure where my coach is sending us this year. I think Kurtis may be bringing 1 or 2 of his debaters up there. Since we debate against his kids (even though he graduated for my school) our coach probably won't send us to WFI.
  4. Bueller

    WFI 2006

    Glueboys for me.
  5. WFI 2 Weeks ericmbeeler@gmail
  6. I think it is funny how the Wikipedia artcile states: "The case has not been overturned however, and does remain a valid precedent. This case was the only one in which racial discrimination in the United States has been upheld despite the strict scrutiny standard." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korematsu_v._United_States After reading over the Hirabayashi and Yasui decisions, I have to agree that the information on Wikipedia is false. It almost seems as if a Policy debater went on the site and changed it up a bit.
  7. We are only a 3A school, so you won't see us.
  8. Alright thanks for the help everyone for your help. Hopefully I can get blocks written for all that stuff before state.
  9. Not sure of the exact plan but they said it dealt with searching Indian reservations.
  10. PLAN: THE FEDERAL COURTS SHOULD REQUIRE ALL SEARCHES FOR FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE BE APPROVED BASED ON PROBABLE CAUSE IN THE FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE COURT ADVANTAGES: Bush Tyrany/Totalitarianism Racism What would you run against this? I'm trying to write up answers that will appeal to consevative old school judges. I'll post the answers when I'm done with them to pay for everyones ideas.
  11. I saw a thread like this and it had been locked so I figured I would put it here. I do agree that this would be better for the critque forum though.
  12. After searching for a while I found Naked Life. Naked life is Agambens term for zoe as mentioned above while Bare Life is his term for bios.
  13. Thanks that really helps. Does Agamben ever refer to naked life in his books because I have heard it mentioned in an Agamben Kritik. I do plan on reading State of Exception over the winter break so I can have a greater grasp of the idea.
  14. ericmbeeler@gmail.com I'm looking for a group of people to work with over the Christmas holiday.
  15. I have been searching for it but I have found no definiton on what bare life is.
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