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  1. What are all of the advantages out there for the infrastructure affirmative
  2. Does the tournament start on friday or saturday
  3. Cathedral Prep is sending 4 teams 3 to Varsity Reichert/Lesniewski Carlotti/Hayes Susko/Starr And 1 to JV Welsh/Prichard
  4. "I suck at curtains"Joe (Lakeland) [*]"I just broke Lexis-Nexis" Andy Ridgeway [*]"I get all my news from wikipedia" Andy Ridgeway [*]"Peter Susko is no chica!" Peter (Cathedral Prep) [*]"Have you heard of that guy Hitler?" Random three week kid [*]"Fiat is the use of illusion dumbass" Ross Smith [*]"I can spell shit" Dave (Henry Sibley) [*]"Well I'll be reading three topicality violations aka "Flowing Drills" Kevin (Maine East) [*]"You can call me the fX FACTOR because Im going to burn you on effects" Peter (Cathedral Prep) [*]"There is something on my lips would you get it for me" Andy and Peter to each other [*]"We think we're funny" Andy and Peter [*]"You know what sucks, andy's debating skills" Peter (Cathedral Prep) [*]"Bros before hoes dude" Andy and Peter [*]"My Gladiators are going to dominate tomorrow" Kevin (Maine East) [*]"Who wants a Kiss?" Ross Smith [*]"TTYL all around" Peter (Cathedral Prep) [*]"Kiss the half pipe dude" Peter (Cathedral Prep) [*]"You got them digits?" Dinger [*]"I get dem digits" Zeshan (Woodard) [*]"Its off the Richter dude" Peter (Cathedral Prep) [*]How are you going to get funds "Well we could take out farm subsides or withdraw from Iraq" Andy [*]"Shumaila embrace your powerlessness and give me back my cell phone" Andy [*]"I'm from Fargoooo" Maddie (Eagon) [*]"I'll solve global poverty" Peter (Cathedral Prep) [*]"Man I'm going to run 9 topicality violations and 3 kritiks which will be Foucault, Lachan, and Heidegger" says Peter "Peter you can't even spell Lacan" Adrienne Brovero [*]"Debate rock on" Peter (Cathedral Prep)
  5. Although LEarn and Serve has some teachers the only advantage would be something like education and some kritikal advantages but the area I was leaning towards not being topical was the fact that Learn and Serve also does a great deal in giving out grants which I dont feel is topical to meeting increase members
  6. Dude although I feel that Learn and Serve affirmatives are by no means topical and at best extremely extra topical all the Kritik debaters I know (5) would probably just Kritik topicality anyways saying that they increase education or something around that area of thought.
  7. Peter Susko Fast Track Cathedral Prep 2a,2n Upcoming Junior
  8. I was thinking this would be a good counterplan to run next year but with the new wording my question is does it still apply
  9. I just prefer to stand up although I flow on my laptop I usually find that most desks and debate tubs are able to hold my laptop without falling plus I don't know what is the big deal taking your laptop with you then again my laptop isn't that big so I guess I can see the trouble people might have.
  10. Who is thinking of applying to Fast Track this summer
  11. DUDE?!?!?!?!?!?! theres two dakotas?!?!?! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!1111ONEONEELVENTYONE112TWOUNO time to party...lets have a new holiday..north dakota day! celebtrated february 30th, except on leap years!
  12. CPDebater


    RHSM RR <-- how do u pronounce THAT?!?!
  13. Greenhill ran libraries at Glenbrooks and from what I remember one of their advantages had to do with the public sphere or something allong line of speaking
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