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  1. Dont run the referendum counterplan. We won on it, but our judges were pretty mad that we had a Democracy Net benefit to something aginst cultural genocide. They were like dont you know democracy is why the indians were exterminated,and I was like oh... but I really like the Referendum counterplan
  2. I think you'll be able to find the softpower stuff, if you find specific policies that other countries like. but as far as gov controls pcvs or pcv control natives that will be hard specifically ebcause there is so much against it
  3. PLAN: the United States federal government should SUBSTANTIALLY increase AND MAINTAIN the number of Peace Corps members TO 30,000 by providing all Funding Necessary.
  4. Do speed drills drillst he right way I've seen you do speed drills and they are horrible I think we've told you this a million times Mumbling all your words then stomping your feet will not get you 30s, they will get you the 26s you've been getting
  5. I heard it at GBN and I just thought about it right now i would like it for free but if we must trade send me an email @ strivingwisdom@gmail.com It seriously went 1. reading is good 2. increase people in learn and serve america (or it may have ben americorps) 3. narratives about children who are happy now they can read
  6. could i get a copy as well. plz strivingwisdom@gmail.com
  7. that made me chuckle... whether it was true or not anyways congrats Rich (A?) and Chambers (JQ) on your success at DePaul
  8. yeah willing to trade. pm me or email me @ strivingwisdom@gmail.com I'd like this by friday morning if at all possible.
  9. pmc aff I can trade email me strivingwisdom@gmail.com or you could pm me
  10. you should have some mpx from last year's ptx immigration reform if not you can email me stivingwisdom@gmail.com
  11. Anyone running this talk to me I think I have my aff pretty prepped out but always nice to hear how others have prepared for the framework and k debate pm me or email me strivingwisdom@gmail.com
  12. flowing means taking down the tag and cites of a card you wont believe what i was taught by the oh so funny varisty
  13. I'd do the paris hilton because stars are blind is amazing! ok not really but I can deal. would you rather sleep with bill gates or tom greene?
  14. anyone have old backfiles of empire k?
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