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  1. Ag is a critical issue now. You know, cause if we don't grow more hops there won't be any beer and the frat boys will cry...
  2. 2AR can point out case is conceded just in case in about 5 seconds and proceed to answer T
  3. Problem is spending increases interest rates...so running it ankurs way makes the link tougher to win. Maybe fed cut good, only thing avoiding recession and saving the dollar, and spending would destroy all this progress?
  4. new CP vs gag rule... beats throw yourself down the stairs in your single story african hut CP anyday
  5. Pepsi One

    Condoms neg strat

    another thing, the politics links are amazing on this aff...as are the elections links, it goes pop with Dems unpop with GOP. CPs seem to work effectively if they offset, assuming the aff is not critical. If they DON'T offset, they are not topical.
  6. you are abusing me by depriving me of ground... ground that happens to be important (that is the ground arg, which is a prereq to win the abuse) Ground debates require you to WIN that you SHOULD have a right to your ground because it is good for the activity.
  7. incorrect, as a conditional PIC and politics disad proves
  8. check out the awesome investor confidence and world U and IL. Front page of the NYT
  9. Well a good procedural debater will win 1. You prevent my having a shot in hell of winning X argument 2. X argument is good for debate Many people forget the 2nd part, and then yes, their logic is faulty. Theory debates are basically what draw the line between strategy and cheating. You seem to have a high threshold of abuse. But the fact is that since debate effectively has nothing BUT structural rules (time limits, partners, cross-x, prep and the like) we need to make a rule somewhere. An analogy may be cross-country skiers training in hyperbolic chambers that simulate race conditions. Now some people say its strategic - you want to simulate the race as close to possible in your training, its why football teams scrimmage. On the other hand some cry foul, saying these skiers are artificially increasing their lung capacity and the like. Now the Olympic committee must hear arguments not only about if allowing hyperbolic chambers are fair, but various others, including ones like countries without mountains have a more equal footing in the sport, it reduces risk of injury, etc. Then they make a decision. For debate we usually look at fairness (based on either reciprocity - aff and neg equal- or equity - rich and poor, big and small squads equal) and education. Education comes in many forms (researching, critical thinking, argument responsibility, strategic thinking, speed of mental processes, about either domestic or foriegn affairs) and it must be argued which type is best. Procedural come in 2 aspects. Either 1. They do something that is blatantly bad. ABUSE 2. They JUSTIFY something that is blatantly bad by what they have done. POTENTIAL ABUSE
  10. this being the reason why intrinsic perms are illegit, they destroy the ability to CP to prove opportunity cost
  11. Use big words in your roadmap to make yourself sound smarter Or deploy pedantic language in your roadmap in order to simulate an increase in your intelligence
  12. so Ts redundancy makes it an effective test of debating ability. oh the irony
  13. Problem with politics is you need to win 3 things to win good offense on the disad. First you need some issue specific uniqueness, which also must be updated better than the other teams. Then you need link turns with your case, and internal link takeouts and card that set up your link turns. And if they have an issue specific internal link then you are in even more trouble. This is why impacts turns are so popular on politics DAs. For example: the disad is the common Law of the Sea Treaty U: LOST will pass now, Bush is pushing to counteract the opponents of the treaty in the GOP L: Plan saps his Political Capital I: LOST won't pass. We need LOST to save our economy. Your U/L/IL answers would be U: LOST won't pass, GOP opposes. LT: Plan popular with republicans IL to LT: Republican are key to lost, keeping them happy is what will let Bush get LOST through OR Impact Turn I: LOST is bad. It kills hege, causes terrorism, etc.
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