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  1. Is it a coffin? Biological agent? Bomb, nuclear or other? Is the object unnecessary for the maker?
  2. I voted for a team that said that they solved hurricanes.
  3. Does the horse perform some kind of psychological insight therapy? I.E. The horse is repeating what the dean says back to him, much like the client-centered model where patients become well when they hear what they say repeated back to them?
  4. Were the other people who received the other letters in on the con? Were all of the letters that the man received intended for him?
  5. I'm pretty sure this is a Lewis Black joke.
  6. Were the other people conned as well?
  7. Did all of the letters say something different? Did each letter require a response from our guy? Do the other people who the con mailed the letters to matter?
  8. Were either of the letters from the con man?
  9. Were both letters from the con artist?
  10. Was there some sort of assurance that the team our guy picked was supposed to win? Are the contents of the second letter just a confirmation of the bet? Did the con artist have any influence on the game?
  11. Was there more than one game? Are the contents of the first letter instructions for betting? Predictions? Is what the con artist used our guy's money for relevant? Did our guy bet on the winner? Did our guy bet on the loser? Did our guy place a bet on a particular team because of the con artist's predictions/advice?
  12. Did the con man and our guy only contact each other through the mail? Are the contents of the first letter important? If so, were they the predictions for the game? Did the con man actually use our guy's money for the bet? Did our guy see the winner of the game and know he was conned? Is the date relevant?
  13. Did the con artist give him faulty information about who would be in the game, and then the man later read in the papers that the team (or person) wasn't even playing?
  14. Was the team or person he placed a bet for actually in the series or game? Did he find out that the con artist skipped town?
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