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  1. If the negative team never attacked your advantage, solvency, inherency, etc, then you could say they conceded them in the 2ac, but it is meaningless, b/c they have 1 more speech to make new arguments against your case in the constructives. So generally, no you dont need to say "neg concedes" And for the impact calculus, yes, you are allowed your impacts of the 1ac if they have not been taken out already. Its still best to extend you impacts, like impact calc during 1ar if time permits.
  2. darkatma


    That's fine, except normal rounds with fiat debate generally aren't so simple. Tangling and clash of fiat arguments are bound to occur, so the person with the best interpretations(most sensible) can win the fiat debate.
  3. the thing about the case is that its difficult to have a specific link beforehand, and therfore, all your DA impacts are impossible b/c your link is too weak/improbable. Best way is to find on-case links to case for next time.
  4. whats there to cut in discipline and punish anyways? All i see is foucaults interpretation of torture and the panopticon...
  5. critical affs are un-league-ish
  6. so the argument would be :no time frame specification? Wouldnt that cause plan to overweigh most DA's? And can you also run a time frame arguement on a K? Such as biopower/extinction impx, would you be able to run "biopower has existed since the mideval ages and no extinction has occured yet (empirically denied) or the neg team gives no specific time in which the supposed extinction will occur, and we do, so our impact outweighs? edit: ok the guy above's post basically answered mine, i was typing while he posted. But thx
  7. so for the majority of the DA's without a specific timeframe (politix, terrorism, etc), we just assume that passing the plan causes immediate impx, or do we attack their timeframe of impact?
  8. well, that detainment counterplan has a solvency deficit, since when is america ever going to have to power to decrease ALL detain w/out charge..
  9. Corny, you forgot to say "we meet counter definition", that would kill your cd...
  10. darkatma


    hypotesting is also part of one of the moderators names...
  11. generalization: majority of life is boring
  12. were plannign to run bell v wolfish this year (2 guys) shoul be fun
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