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  1. tapiocaballs22@ yahoo.com THANKS!
  2. got kicked out of tennis and the class that i found a bit interesting that still had spaces that was offered that same hour was debate. i did cx b/c the former partner that my current partner had quit debate. fate i guess?
  3. UNT 3week tapiocaballs22(at)yahoo(dot)com
  4. there's always theory, for agent cps i always go for topical cps bad.
  5. hellogoodbye1213<at>yahoo<dot>com tell me if you want something for it.
  6. G-spec The aff failed to specify on what ground the Supreme Court rules on, and that’s going to be devastating for several reasons Ground – your lack of knowledge regarding Supreme Court procedure kept us from reading disads or solvency deficit arguments specific to the grounds the Supreme Court ruled on. Education – those arguments are uniquely key to our education, because learning about supreme court ruling is most real world T is a voter for fairness, education and ground.
  7. I would like this file. Please email it to me: hellogoodbye1213<at>yahoo<dot>com Thank you.
  8. let me clarify, i never said anyone was right/wrong on whether the neg should get fiat, i was putting my input from my side. i was saying right to yusuf b/c i agree to his point that "just because an argument differs from yours doesn't mean it's wrong - there's more to debate than proving that you're right."
  9. i never said anyone was right, i never said anyone was wrong either... i'm just putting in my side and what i would argue... but obviously, this can't be settled, only by who can argue it better in debate rounds.
  10. you're right, i guess this is something that has to be settled in debate rounds.
  11. how many CP shells have you seen with inherency cards? the neg doesn't have inherency burden. the neg doesn't need fiat.
  12. i am interested in this also. i have most camps and i am willing to trade one whole camp file for this file. PM or e-mail me: tapiocaballs22<at>yahoo<dot>com to set up a trade.
  13. another reason why the negative cannot fiat... the concept of fiat was created for the affirmative because the affirmative has stock issues burden. Among these stock issues are inherency and solvency. Inherency and solvency are at odds with each other because the affirmative has to prove that so and so doesn't want to do the plan (inherent barrier) and at the same time, solve the problem with the plan. That was a problem. So as people have stated earlier, fiat puts the focus on 'should' to stop this contradiction. The negative clearly cannot fiat their counterplan simply because the counter plan does not have inherency AND solvency burden. The negative cannot have fiat because they do not have the should burden, the should burden is inhererency AND solvency, not just solvency.
  14. i run this also... if it doesn't require probable cause for state prisons, then how do you get access to your advs b/c bcs still happens in state prisons?
  15. tapiocaballs22@yahoo.com
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