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  1. Abovefiat

    Unexpected Affs

    That would be the Red lands that did that last year.
  2. Abovefiat

    TFA State 2008

    true but every round is different against 2 really good teams that really doesn't matter about past wins they are both capable of beating each other.
  3. Hey Dan when I sent my sites to you I got this message. Any ideas on how to fix the problem. I will try resending them. his is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: TFAstate2008caselist@gmail.com. Technical details of permanent failure: PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 5.1.1 No such user 52si312938hsf.9
  4. We just sent our stuff in. For those of you who have already sent there stuff in how big is the case list?
  5. If you plan on making them that similar why don't you just make them 1 CP? Makes the CP alot less theoretically illegitimate.
  6. Abovefiat

    Hypo testing

    I don't think that hypo testing is really theoretical illegitimate or can even be argued that it is. Your best shot is going for a vagueness argument or something of that nature. Hypo testing is pretty much were a team defends the entire resolution. An example of people doing this on any topic would be to read the resolution as there plan text. Also this is far from new in fact this is way old school.
  7. Damn your going to "the camp" that sucks man. Maybe next time you should try using a little less biopower.
  8. My brother and I lost to St. Marks A because they were jews. No joke they literally said we are jewish and thats an independent voter.
  9. The patriots are going to lose and I think that by watching the last two games show that it could be to anybody. The truth is the patriots are an older team and are feeling the wear and tear of the season about now. This is especially true for there defense and if a team was smart enough to run a no huddle offense so the patriots can substitute they will be in for some trouble. This in a combination with people figuring our how to play the patriots in terms of pass coverage makes it really devastating. It seems for the past two weeks the eagles and the ravens have shut down randy moss and most of the other patriots receivers which has just lead to Brady being very frustrated. The last two games they have won have been pure luck and its just a question of when their luck runs out.
  10. Abovefiat

    ATTN Bellaire

    I hope Deer park doesn't mind me telling why they are labeled as independent. Rumor is that Collin has forced to debate with this chick that he didn't like very much and wasn't very good. So Collin told his coach that he wanted to debate with this other guy who was better. His coach told him that he had to debate with this chick because they were both seniors and if he didn't he would be kicked off the team. Now that he chose the other guy they just enter tournaments as independent because they are not a offical Deer Park sponsored team.
  11. Abovefiat

    Attn St. Stevens

    I have a few site requests, if you could email me at dwebb211[at]yahoo.com or PM me. thanks David.
  12. hook me up with this please. dillon.c.lucas@gmail.com
  13. Look Mark you have to realize work will only get you so far. There are other variables in debate besides work. Also small teams will always be screwed because they will get carded by schools with more resources. Additionally Mark this system would be bad for you and people like you. Your new system would ensure that teams that aren't good enough to compete on the national circuit and have to sneak off for a weekend while everyone is at St. Marks to qualify still won't be able to get enough points. Well I guess teams that do that shouldn't go to TFA anyways right Mark. However on another note I like your idea Yao Yao sounds like it would be one of the fairer systems.
  14. Abovefiat


    What other way is there to run T? Your interpretation would have to be the military is not public health assistance our argument was why do you assume this and why literature would you have to support this. I have no idea how fairness education and predictability would get you out of a good we meet. This Aff may be pretty extra T but that depends more on the advantages not on the actual type of aid it gives. So in short you are still wrong but good try maybe you should ask your dad about extra T I hear that is his specialty.
  15. Are you serious? This is one of the worst ideas imaginable and would screw over teams that debate on harder circuits. Not to say that any region of Texas doesn't have good teams but places like Dallas, Houston and Austin seem to have a larger quantity of these teams. The fact that these districts are so competitive makes if extremely difficult for upcoming debaters to qualify even though they may be better then some teams that qualify. Additionally make the a bigger point requirement would force better teams to go to more tournaments which decrease the opportunities of debaters that might be as good chances to qualify. Lastly this would distract from the national circuit and could even lead to some teams that go to the TOC and not qualify for state because they couldn't attend enough local tournaments.
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