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  1. awww, these reso's are sorta confusing .. i can see alot of aff cases for africa though
  2. monta vista.. danville? do you know a guy named matthew jew?
  3. good luck :] dude, are we having a posting war or something? lol
  4. lol, good luck. any CA tourneys u going to?
  5. wow, lol, im var and ive been debating for only 1 yr :] sophmore PRIDE! lol
  6. ahaha... i swear, the 1AR is such a pain in the butt. 13 minutes of arguements into 5 minutes lol. if you REALLY want to be at varsity level, be able to say a VERY good 1AR speech. also, learn how to spread, debate k's, and etc.
  7. anyone have in mind what camps they wanna go to? me, im thinking of either MNDI, Classic, or hopefully, 7 week.
  8. hey, im willing to trade you my SDI nseers aff for your coast guard aff. my team is looking for the coast guard aff and we need it desperately :]
  9. chibi loopi


    what are you talking about? you can run so many T's on it, such as "USFG" has to be the courts, not congress. look at the SDI T file.
  10. dude, thats hella wrong. i mean, thats more than 5000+ pages... the only way to get them onto a disc is to scan them all, which usually takes, a good 4 hour depending on what type of scanner you have.
  11. yah, my team members got pissed off at me during the summer cause they thought i wasnt taking team debate seriously. it was sad to the point where i had ppl that were var that i am still better in debating yell at me. but now, its more like, i do a shitload of work, and majority of the ppl dont unless they are forced to. lol
  12. in my opinion, it takes months to become var. Its not an easy thing to do, in a week. Varsity isnt competiting in varsity level, varsity is being able to debate with strategies and theories. both of those come from experience, which you usually get from big tournaments, such as your state championship tournament, and national circuits.
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