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  1. Hey I need any file you have on K impact turns including the michigan 7 week one. Thanks, I'm willing to trade generously for this PM please.
  2. Hey I need any PMC aff you people have, camp files are cool too, just send me everything you have PMC related including neg and aff stuff. HUGE amount of evidence to trade. Thanks.
  3. Wow I second that. If anyone has it PM me please, I've got a whole bunch of quality evidence to trade.
  4. Out of curiousity, does anyone know what the function of the narrative was on DADT? Did they spin it as a separate framework?
  5. Hey, I need a decent Dedev File as well as theory, specifically counterplan theory (CPs illegit, topical Cps suck, Conditionality good/bad, dispo good/bad, etc). I'll trade back with extremely high quality files; camp files on theory and dedev are fine. PM me if you're interested. Thanks.
  6. Same. PM me if interested, whole bunch of quality evidence to trade
  7. Second that, who has the Northwestern version?
  8. Need 'em all. WHOLE bunch to trade-high quality evidence, not just the regular camp junk. If you've got a good file, PM me and I'll discuss/send you my email. Thanks.
  9. fondue_productions@yahoo.com Thanks a bunch
  10. Thanks for the responses, but the thing is, how will i win that the judge should evaluate my framework if the negative will never be able to debate CPs, DAs, etc within it. This could have possibly been answered, but I'm too stupid to understand subtle explanations.
  11. So then is there a strategic reason to establish this framework?
  12. I'm in the midst of making a critical aff, and we establish a framework of ethics in which we are the true actors of the resolution rather than the USFG and we can only claim advantages off what the aff does to the judge's identity. While I'm convinced of this framework in relation to grammar, (the left side of the resolution needs a subject, and since there is none, it is implied that the true actors of the resolution are us rather than the USFG), I'm somewhat thrown off by the fact that the negative has absolutely no ground to run any neg arguments that provide clash under the aff framework. Because we need to look at ethics, for example, rather than the consequences of the plan, or how many people die, the negative can't really run CPs or DAs which mean that the only viable arguments under our framework are Ks, Topicality, or a direct on case against the particular ethic of the aff. So, if someone has some good defense against this neg argument, it would be greatly appreciated. I would feel a lot more comfortable if I knew I wouldn't lose on a "no ground" argument everytime I had this framework. Thanks.
  13. Need all the Unilat good/Multilat bad crap you've got ASAP. PM me fast if you're interested, I've got a bunch to trade. thanks.
  14. Need SDI and Gonzaga versions of this. PM or achug@austin.rr.com.
  15. Need this K ASAP. Email at achug@austin.rr.com or PM.
  16. This year, one person from our squad had a T Detain=not Guantanamo from a Wikipedia definition he made up himself. The judge had a good laugh but our coach nearly threw him off the squad.
  17. Need a Foucault File LESS THAN 10MBs! Please don't send me files greater than 10MBs Hell of a lot to trade, contact me through PMs or achug@austin.rr.com ASAP. Edit: No UNT files please.
  18. Need it. email at achug@austin.rr.com or PM. lots to trade.
  19. What do people of consult CPs in general on this topic? Just wanting to hear your views.
  20. lol, Ben and John will still own even if you scratch up some case neg. On a side note, if anyone has the aff, I need it. achug@austin.rr.com or PM
  21. Yo, I already see some users on who were at the tournament. POST RESULTS DAMMIT.
  22. Seriously. SOMEONE must have pairings... At the very least Bankey should be able to tell us how Ben and John are doing.
  23. I'll say. All the IEs and extempers were walking all over campus this afternoon. Results as they come please.
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