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  1. Ok. its incentives, and a funding increase. (yes i prove that will increase people).
  2. I am going aff this year, so I was wondering if you all could tell me what you would run against my case. I have a NCCC case. Advantages are homelessness, Gang violence, and wildfires. What kind of arguements would you use? I need you to tell me for my own use. Thanks!
  3. Increase the incentives for nccc members to pay off student loans, decrease the time needed to gain these incentives to pay off student loans.
  4. Its to increase the incentives for people who join. I want the one from michigan! email it to me! thx!
  5. my email is drkill123@yahoo.com
  6. I am making a NCCC case, and I need some people to send me the stuff they have on the subject of Americporps NCCC. These are the types of cards that I need: Cards saying that inceeasing incentives to national service programs specificly americorps or NCCC will increase recruitment Any cards you have relating to the NCCC/ camp files you have I would like to trade for. I will give you the adress to my free evidence website if you send me some stuff.
  7. Well my case is to increase incentives for people joinin into the NCCC. who would enforce?
  8. I have a hard time understanding this plank of the plan. Is it really neccessary? how can a plan be enforced?
  9. I dont think i said a single one of those... lol
  10. Well of course your going to think it is stupid until you actually investigate it, as in both sides of the arguement.
  11. Um... You read all 59 pages of my report on it?
  12. Hey I need this too email me at drkill123@yahoo.com if you give it to me ill give you access to my free evidence site.
  13. How about you provide specific examples of your claims.
  14. No, you obviously didnt even read the thing. The logic of PM is completely atrocious. Want me to list examples?
  15. I want timecube drkill123@yahoo.com ill give you access to my free evidence site if you give to me.
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