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  1. There is one team ready to do policy debate at NAU, it is just up to the director as to whether or not he wants to invest in policy altogether. As of now though, your right, ASU is the only university with a policy squad.
  2. Debeus, why did you decide not to debate this year? Chiki, are you and amalia debating at Snowflake?
  3. I debated a couple freshman teams from Wake Forest at CEDA. I was impressed. You all have a very strong team. How many teams did you end up sending to the NDT?
  4. The post from earlier is right in that the topic has yet to be released but some of the topic papers are out though. The ones I have seen are as follows: Should the US increase regulation of genetic engineering? Should the US increase constructive engagement in the Middle East? Should the US further expand democracy promotion among its allies? Should the US moderate its military programs or doctrines in order to increase their consistency with international nonproliferation regimes? (There is also a paper on Genocide) The wording of these topics aren't locked into the actual resolution so it will change a bit when the actual res is released
  5. I'll be a sophomore next semester. Assuming everyone debates, we should have an awesome team. Any Idea who this kid from Washington is?
  6. Excellente! So does the book beat the movie? You have all of next year to brush up on your T skills. This is why CAMP is such a good idea! I hope you can find a way to go.
  7. You're right chiki. In a lot of cases T is just a time suck...but there are those moments in some rounds where the other team will spend way to much time on T and inadequately cover the rest of the arguments which allows you to exploit the mistakes they made and make a big deal out of it. This is when T actually works for you the best, aside from being clearly untopical, if you decide to run it.
  8. Hell yeah! I heard you all were doing great. What did you guys end up dropping to in your bid round Henry?.
  9. Good luck to all those going to Harvard.
  10. As much as it pained me to find this out, ASU won't give you a scholarship to come debate for them. You come here on whatever scholarship you have and just debate. I found that out at the beginning of the year when our coach told us but it might change...I don't know, I will look into it for you. ASU is one of the only colleges without a debate scholarship. Edit: On the plus side of it though, they give you around $40-$60 per tournament for food and stuff
  11. Fun times here at ASU. If we could at least get 3-4 teams next semester then the squad would be golden. This year just sux because of the transition of directors and coaching staff.
  12. Has anyone seen this cp? What's the argument and a starting point to answering it? Thanks
  13. It's basically a big Fuck the topic argument. We run Nuke Malthus in irony to show how unethical and stupid policy can be at times and run DADA as an alternative framework to get ourselves out of it. The arg is more complex when you actually do it. Like you play on 2 levels, your own (dada) and the oppenents framework (Nuke Malthus). Problem is, no one really takes the argument seriously. The joke is that you aren't joking.
  14. I have a few files I have been meaning to get rid of. Justice League aff Cripp Theory DADAism K with ironic nuke malthus If you're interested let me know
  15. NuggetX18


    Technically policy does still exist but only half a team still does it. Not sure if it is even worth it anymore though. Apparently there is hope for next year. Ant from dobson is coming and bring some people with him. Agreed though that the tourney wasn't run very well.
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