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    I will totally talk to him! It will be great to have someone to help out!
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    Hey! Welcome to Rexburg! My name is Sierra You might want to get a hold of Mr. Bruce Benson at Madison High School. It is located in Rexburg and they are in serious need of an assitant coach and good judges. I will be helping this season as much as I can but seeing as I will be in Provo most the time it will be hard. If you have any questions or are interested in helping you can drop me a line at ortega.sierra@gmail.com. Thanks!
  3. Yeah this is how it ended up... 1st-Jake and Matt (Hillcrest) 2nd-Julie Swenson and Brittney Wolley (Hillcrest) They closed out finals so place was determined by speaks. Semifinalists- The two girls from Mountian View Sierra and Chase (Madison)
  4. If anyone has the DDI Aerospace Aff I really need a copy. This is what I have to trade: WNDI ENDI JDI HOA Liberty And a few others email me or IM me! Thanks!
  5. Madison is NOT running coast guard! That was last year
  6. Madison is sending Allred/Cameron and Ortega/Huffman and a bunch of little novi...lets hope for the best
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