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  1. HUGE kudos to Lee Reed and John Trevino for being the the first team to qualify for the TOC from Walter Payton! You two deserve it so much, and we're all so proud of you!!
  2. Fo' realz. This whole only being able to preview one aff thing is annoying.
  3. the kid's name is patrick. he's a first year varsity.
  4. I'm cutting Gender Trouble by Judith Butler right now and you can use some of her stuff. On page 2 - I found something that I tagged (granted I'm not that great at tagging K cards): Representing women as the subject of feminism ignores how the category of women is produced and restrained by the power structures through which emancipation is sought. The card starts with "Foucault points" and ends with "is sought." (I don't have time to type up the cards and I don't have an electronic of the book.) And on pages 15-16, I found a sort of alternative card that I tagged: Take an antifoundationalist approach to coalitional politics that doesn't assume that identity is a premise or that the shape or meaning of a coalitional assemblage can be known prior to its achievement. The card starts with "Is unity" and ends with "definitional closure." Hope that helps.
  5. King College Prep 4445 S Drexel Boulevard more info at http://www.chicagodebateleague.org
  6. and oh yeah - i have to agree, aaron's pretty damn good at T. and he's taught us a lot.
  7. Yeah, I'm Amy from Walter Payton and we're in the RCC.
  8. I'll be there and I'm excited too. Is this going to be a demo debate at CDSI?
  9. I've been a vegetarian for a year. I did a year of novice, came back from camp, became a vegetarian, did a year of JV and Varsity, and am about to do two more years of Varsity. There's definitely a correlation for me in terms of being involved in debate and becoming a vegetarian. I was policy-oriented my first two years, but after camp this summer, I would consider myself a hybrid.
  10. why does that apply to debaters and not everyone else?
  11. I'd like to come watch some rounds tomorrow. Will someone please post where the debates are being held and possibly a schedule? Thanks!
  12. http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=32073&highlight=tubs+organize http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=12793&highlight=tubs+organize My partner have aff and neg tubs also. For aff expandos, organize them by type of argument (DA, Case, CP, K, T, Theory). So maybe Expandos 1 & 2 to DAs, Expandos 3 & 4 to Case, etc. I think Politics should get its own expando just because it'll be easier if you need to grab a specific card, which you do a lot more for politics debates. For neg expandos, use one expando for each argument that you run a lot so you don't need to use a lot of prep. For the other arguments that you don't run a lot, file them similarly to the way you would file aff blocks. If you don't have enough expandos to use one for every argument that you run a lot on the neg, then just file the arguments that the 2NC goes for a lot because the 1NR has more prep time to look through files.
  13. I'd also like to know. Thanks in advance!
  14. Payton rarely accepts seniors but you can always try. Does this mean that Hope will no longer have a debate team? I'm going to Miami 5 week also, who are you?
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