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  1. I'm judging here for w-minster, so presumably they're coming.
  2. tom, I'll debate w/ you as an independent team.
  3. Their age group isn't particularly relevant. Any judge that doesn't vote on T is a bad judge, I think. If there is a substantial enough contingent of judges floating around the GA circuit (college aged kids or otherwise) that arbitrarily refuse to vote on particular categories of argument that debaters in round feel compelled to ask whether or not judges will vote on it (literally every round), I would say that's a problem. I would also say that the fact that the divisions were collapsed at Starr's Mill isn't particularly relevant either, if mentioning that is supposed to mean it's ok for JV judges to decide that they won't vote on T or K's either. Bad JV judges make bad JV debaters that will eventually become bad varisty debaters that won't know how to debate T or K's. So you were 15/15 at Fayette on the varsity pairing, or was that for the lower divisions as well?
  4. based on the number of times at starr's mill that debaters asked me whether or not I voted on T & kritks, I'm going to have to disagree jeff.
  5. I'll probably be there judging for the tournament.
  6. I don't know what the code is the lakeside team coming, but it isn't BS. My brother is taking the SAT this weekend.
  7. Hey, if anyone from Atlanta is headed to this tournament, let me know if I can get a ride. I'm supposed to judge for my high school there. I'll check back in the thread now and then, so if I could work something out with anyone, that would be great.
  8. apparently I'll be there judging for w-minster.
  9. nah rajesh, I'm not riding with you guys this time. I don't usually need to ride the shortbus when the tournament is only 10 miles from metro atlanta.
  10. are your rankings done purely by volume of points? if so, that would favor schools that can field more teams and attend more tournaments.
  11. JD, what year are you? I swear I debated you in varsity like... 4 years ago or something.
  12. How big this tourney is? I don't know about that. I'll be there getting paid by w-minster to judge.
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