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  1. Experience debater in high school. Am living in the Cleveland area and am available to judge. bensshpairo@gmail.com
  2. squid


    Hawks Jaaaay Hawks
  3. squid


    congrats to zavell and val bish for scrapin some fools and gettin dat bid. head-royce love never dies Jonathan Sidney Oberlin 2012 happily not debating
  4. squid


    head-royce 3-0 and hitting colleyville BZ IN THE FUCKIN HOUSEE!!
  5. squid


    Where the fuck is Head-Royce BZ?? JAAAAAAAYYYYYYYHAWKS
  6. Turner is the shit, for realsies.
  7. Don't count this as spam please, I'm just trying to rep a fellow national circuit debater...myself.
  8. squid

    Turns case?

    Haha, it's all good. As someone who went for the K about 90% of my negative rounds this year I am certainly sympathetic to that frustration.
  9. squid

    Turns case?

    Hey Scu, I wasn't being serious. Whenever you see me say something negative about kritiks, chances are very high that I'm just messing with synergy.
  10. squid

    Turns case?

    Strike me if you plan to go for that K turns case nonsense.
  11. squid

    Turns case?

    Kritiks can't turn the case, it's impossible.
  12. I am a graduating senior from the Head-Royce School in Oakland, California. I will be attending Oberlin College in the fall, and I am interested in helping out a debate team in the Cleveland area. While Oberlin is a half hour away from the city and I will be primarily concerned with college, I am looking for a way to stay involved at a minor level in the debate community. I am willing to serve as a limited assistant coach by cutting cards, judging tournaments and practice debates, occasionally traveling, and/or helping out in any capacity that a relatively local team would need. I have been involved in policy debate for four years. I had a 4-3 record at the Tournament of Champions this year, earning five bids with three separate partners. I received speaker awards at almost every tournament I this year, including Wake Forest, GDS, St. Marks, USC, Ohio Valley, Emory, and Stanford. I am qualified for NFL nationals in June. I was a Senior Assistant at Dartmouth this past summer, and have gone to debate camp for three summers. I am particularly interested in critique-related arguments, though obviously I can also do straight up policy work. If you know someone in the Cleveland area who might be able to use me, please email me at jonathansidney1@gmail.com. Email is best, as I don't check this site very often. Thanks in advance.
  13. We read our water privatization/neoliberalism bad aff that we broke round 6. Rowland Hall read plan flaw, a PIC out of topically designated areas, and an ontology K. They went for the K, and Nooch voted largely on a Foucault-based module within it.
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