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  1. weird! did your account get changed on that thread in the MISC forum?

  2. i have a long lost brother?

  3. Furry

    TOC Ruling

    That was my point. The discussions now are not good, they devolve into personal attacks which is why we should not have them unless we can move past that issue....it's posts like these that are there for the sake of arguing and trying to provoke argumentation that just causes more hostility and no compromise.
  4. Furry

    TOC Ruling

    I have been watching this thread for awhile now, and not made a post. I'm going to say this in hopes of trying to prevent anymore animosity within our state and hopefully make steps for compromise in the future. The Rule put into place in January saddens me beyond what most can understand. However bickering about it and making personal attacks will not help the situation (Pam is not looking at this site she just hears what others say and her own opinion). With that said, I think we should not discuss the TOC in the Kansas Forum anymore. It seems like every time we do, instead of trying to resolve problems both sides make personal attacks that fail to help resolve the issue. What has happened is done and the next generation will have to try and persuade KSHAA to change its policies. Until there is a change in the majority opinion of the powers that be this issue will never go away. All we can do is hope that Kansas teams in the future will try as we did, more diplomatically I suppose, to try and change it. (There is not a favorable view of those of us who support the TOC because of the anger we have developed by not being allowed to go. The aggression back and forth from both sides only pushes progress backwards)
  5. Name: Michael Perbeck School: University of Texas at Dallas Major: Economics & Finance Debating: Yes
  6. Michael Perbeck - Shawnee Mission East High Attending University of Texas At Dallas (Full Scholarship) Debating
  7. Furry

    NDT 2008

    Are the sides in this round locked, I thought they may have debated each other in prelims?
  8. Furry

    NDT 2008

    Does any one know the results from the Dartmouth KO v Kansas BJ Wake Forest CC v Harvard RW Cal BP v. Kansas JS Texas-Dallas RS v. Mary Washington JR
  9. Furry

    NDT 2008

    who was the 2nd place copeland team?
  10. Furry

    NDT 2008

    Has the Copeland been awarded yet?
  11. Furry

    Maine East

    This is posted in the Maine East thread in the national circuit forum, for convenience purposes here are the Kansas teams listed as entered. Emporia BM (Alex Bonnet & Chase Miller) Olathe KV (Kendall Kaut & Guillermo Vidaurre) Wichta Northwest CT (Creighton Coleman & Logan Thomas) Shawnee Mission East CR (Brad Crist & Ross Ringer) Shawnee Mission East KL (Patrick Kennedy & Dannielle Lipsman) That list has not been updated for awhile, what Teams from SMW are going? sorry if i missed a school :/ Feel free to add if i did.
  12. Brad Crist/Ross Ringer Shawnee Mission East Sarah Weiner/ Taylor Malcolm Shawnee Mission West and another West Team i think it was Scott Gerrity but i dont know who is partner is.
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