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  1. HRS BZ d. Damien CG 2-1 (Fisher, Sabransky *Alderete) Cath Prep CH d GBN OZ 2-1 (Kall, Hughes Greenstein*)
  2. Kapps is a k of fiat, i learned this the hard way. The very link is "if i were the usfg, i'd do x" instead of "i will do x" Saying what the usfg should do trades off with saying what you'd do. You really don't need anymore link than a plan text, but Kapps coud solve civic engagement better, it could access a better form of civic engagement, like actually doing shit, instead of saying the usfg should do shit. Ask ECL, he waxed me ont his bullshit arg....
  3. yeah, but those get commodified...which is just a bummer
  4. Big pimpin k link: its a link of omission, you don't acknowledge my big pimpiness impact: lack of acknowledgement of my big pimpiness reifies bad structures, reetneches us in power, leads to ontological damnadocide, otherizes the ho-multitude, turns the case alt: big pimpin
  5. Jonathan Sidney Head Royce, his partner is a total dumass that doesn't know how to debate, but it just makes his greatness shine even greater
  6. THink you got enough k's there, buddy. Oh and by the way, Head Royce, we WANT it.
  7. I'm David Hume, Bitch!
  8. woah, Krishna is a woman, didn't see that coming
  9. yeah, this book is by Zizek, Butler and Laclau. If anyone has it and is willing to send it/upload it, it would be much appreciated. If you want, I do have a few books i can trade. Any help would be appreciated
  10. So when the state is forced to follow what it actually wrote down as opposed to what it actually does, there will be a contradiction and everything explodes?
  11. mczeitgiest

    Zompetti Files

    How come they don't have tables of contents?
  12. i'm sorry, this probably sounds pretty dumb, but how does one actually download this multitude of texts?
  13. yeah, if anyone has this, i'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance mattmagua90 AT gmail Dot com
  14. I've run the PoMO text gen plenty of runs, just put "foucault" in one of the tages, watch people pull out their biopower answers, good for laughs
  15. you do realize that by impeaching W, yall are saying DICK CHENEY FOR PRESIDENT
  16. Would it have any similarity to this? http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6080837669562911582&q=umkc&pl=true If so, could you please find some way to post the entire thing for the consumption of the entire community. I wasn't the only one who found the idea of deconstructing the notion of the physco killer quite funny
  17. That article warants one,and only response and i think everyone knows what it is. KHALILZHAD 95, BITCH!
  18. Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz's response Kinda long, 45 pages. http://www.ksg.harvard.edu/research/working_papers/dershowitzreply.pdf Chris Hitchens article about the Walt-Mearsheimer article The only thing ihave to say about this, most of it is old news, however the implication of dual loyalty is a tad disturbing. http://www.slate.com/id/2138741/
  19. Hmm, sorry for the confusion, i'm asking for them and saying that any of those you can get me will be much appreciated. OH, and one more book to add to my lil request list The Problems of Philosophy - Russel thanks mattmagua90 at gmail . com
  20. one smal lproblem w/urban dictionary.....YOU CAN MAKE UP THE DEFINITIONS
  21. A pretty good arg is that peace corp money should be spent employing locals, not paying for some college students to chill for 2 years
  22. Derrida- Of Grammatology Derrida - Writing and Difference Wittgenstein - Tractacus, Logico, Philosophicus Bookchin - Post-Scarcity Anarchism Anything you can get me will be much appreciated mattmagua90 (at) gmail (.) com
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