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  1. If you are a person who desires to do college debate but currently go to one of the many maryland schools without a debate team (such as um-eastern shore, coppin, morgan, loyola, notre dame, etc) than you are in luck. Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland- College Park is trying to put together an intra-state collaborative networks of hybrids to make it possible for those who want to debate to partner with people and possibly travel. This collaborative network can only work if we get organized and pool together the limited funds from our schools. PLEASE CONTACT ME AT MY EMAIL: nicholas[dot]brady[at]gmail[dot]com. Also, if you are a debater at UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND-COLLEGE-PARK and JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, then there are functioning debate teams at each looking to build up. Again, contact the above email. Thank you and hope to hear from you
  2. I am a debater in Johns Hopkins and I am looking for a partner. We have a debate team with funds and a coach but i want to know if there are any incoming freshman or just people that are in johns hopkins and are interested in debate. I debate critical with heavy leanings towards performance. PM or post here.
  3. I am a debater in Johns Hopkins and I am looking for a partner. We have a debate team with funds and a coach but i want to know if there are any incoming freshman or just people that are in johns hopkins and are interested in debate. I debate critical with heavy leanings towards performance. PM or post here.
  4. i am so happy for all of these great speakers but especially for my friend kristina.... it doesn't seem so long ago when she was a softmore running the anarchy cp good times.... i hope to see her next year in college congrats girl on a job well done
  5. the problem with arguing against ur large post is that i largely agree with what you are saying so instead of getting into a debate this early in the morning on something i don't feel passionately against..... i want to focus on the debate aspect of this namely i am attempting to understand your argument in debaters framework i don't think you answered much of my original point when i judge talent development i see the same problem..... namely i don't see much difference between what you critique and how you debate you guys say debatte is white supremacy ok.... nobody is arguing with that ya'll say policy debate makes it so that the perfect debater is made in the image of the white aesthetic.... fiat, switch-side debate, intellectual evidence, etc etc etc and ya'll say that we need to vote for the revolutionary (black) aesthetic to resist white aesthetics in debate to fight white supremacy and use this as a space to contest white supremacy so in this world where propping up the white aesthetic is bad.... i don't get how ya'll proping up the white aesthetic is any different simply because ur team says its fighting white supremacy its like jesse jackson or al sharpton saying they don't prop up white supremacy simply because they claim to be against it i think in the end.... ur technocratic speed (1ac moreso than anything), ur emphasis on intellectual evidence, and your commodification of culture (namely hip hop culture) is more than accidental trip ups its also propping up a white aesthetic in a white supremacist activity and especially in a world where you guys are stating we need to resist white supremacy... i don't want to shape this simply as a question and answer kind of thing..... i hope to open this up to everyone i think its time that this community steps up and realizes its place in a white supremacist, sexist, heteronormative, and classist world and start realizing the effects of this on our community and also our community's effect on the world so i hope to open up a discussion on how do we find a style of debate to contest white supremacy
  6. i'm not advocating for throwing up your hands when it comes to the elephant what i'm saying is why should you guys win against other teams that run performance and view the world in a different lens? as i'm sure you know some people say the elephant is sexism for instance.... others say heteronormativity.... a lot of feminist combine those two together marxist state its all capital.... and i think their view is prolly very close to implicating a system of oppression large enough to encompass what the "elephant" is because in global context.... for many cultures where oppression happens the white man and white supremacy doesn't matter now if ur defining white supremacy as a specific way of viewing the world.... while this is nuanced this gives little reason to reject other critical teams that critque a different system of oppression so when you're going against someone that resist debate practices through the guise of classism or sexism or etc.... why should you guys win? i think the point the dude earlier was saying is that in a world where you have critical or performance teams that also critique debate or different systems of oppression..... why should you beat them?
  7. on the first point.... i understand the philosopical part of all of this... i think in a cold academic sense then i understand where ya'll are coming from.... but from a realistic standpoint i'm relatively sure that dayvon doesn't define his blackness based on resisting whiteness..... and i know i don't either secondly.... i guess my point is how are you different from all other debate teams? You are a part of this system that inadvertently supports white supremacy, so in a world where you are part of this white supremacist system and you also do white supremacist practices, how do you not link back to your own argument? is it simply because your a radical team and you're black.... i'm sure your argument would be much more nuanced then this but what happens in a world where the other team is radical but they instead don't focus on white supremacy but some other large system of oppression have we learned nothing from the story of the scientists and the elephant namely... we are all feeling on the same damn elephant but each of us grab a different part if the elephant is oppression and you grab a trunk and say that means oppression is white supremacy and i grab a foot and say that its.... idk.... heteronormativity we argue about this, but in the end we're all grabbing on the same elephant why should teams lose simply because they don't agree with ur diagnosis of systemic oppression? p.s.- hopefully i shall debate next year, aren't u excited?!! :-)
  8. My first question to Andy is If the Black Aesthetic is undefinable, why is debate not within the Black Aesthetic? you define the white aesthetic in debate as dependency on objectity over personal experience, the fiat model, etc, etc, etc but why are these things the white aesthetic true.... white people are the ones who started it, but why is this specifically the white aeshetic and why are not things like over-dependence on evidence (which you bite), commodification of culture (your use of hip hop), and technocratic speed (i saw the video... dayvon says that they are attempting to make their argument more full with "speed", but isn't that still a prob though... making your argument more full with speed allows u to spread them with as many "mini-points" coming out of the 1ac to pre-empt negative arguments)? And in a world where i think you guys bite what could be consider a white aesthetic.... why doesn't this argument become a wash then? I think the Koslow brings up interesting points.... you do not define a project to engage in You critique the white aesthetic and say revolutionary aesthetic is rejection of white supremacy.... but isn't that destructive? Why is Black, Black identity, and Black Aesthetic simply defined by what white supremacy is not? It seems a tad bit destructive... i mean past intellectual posturing, what do i tell debaters underneath ur framework.... the purpose of this intellectual space is to problematize whiteness?.... thats a little destructive.... but at the end of the day its not constructive at all You do not construct an identity.... you simply reject another identity and aesthetic no offense..... but that sort of argumentation has always been too white-centric to me As a Black Man i like to think I AM SOMETHING and not that I AM SOMETHING AGAINST SOMETHING ELSE... Another question is... so why does Koslow.... a bi-sexual and jewish person.... not subsume your revolutionary aesthetic? is it simply because he doesn't reject white supremacy? Like why is white supremacy the center of everything..... i think he brings up an interesting problem namely, even though as black men (not referring to Andy but to Towson CL and JM) they view the world through a lens of blackness and see whiteness as their main contending point... a bi-sexual would say a huge part of the problem is heteronormativity... and any black person will tell u that is not simply a white aesthetic problem, its also a black aesthetic problem too (think Black Power... think Stokely Carmichael and Huey Newton) what makes their critique of heteronormativity any less revolutionary than your critique of white supremacy? I have more questions.... but for now this is all i can think of
  9. nice job correcting my sentence i wrote in the middle of the morning while procrastinating my studies :-/ but wat i'm saying is that you are essentially challenging a belief of the deepest level..... a belief of the heart things like this are not necessarily up for cold, intellectual debate regardless... this is cross-x.com so here we go If someone were shooting and the bullet could possibly hit anyone would you protect your mother or would you try to find a way to save everyone in the crowd and pretty much fail because its too many ppl to protect despite maybe ur intellectual leanings i'm sure u would protect your mother this is reflective of your heart..... you feel a deeper love for mother than everyone in the world this coopies into relationships People who go for this exclusive relationship thing believe that there is a love deeper than the love you feel for all people a soulmate connection or something like that so if there is a special love..... then committment to that person becomes necessary...... because the relationship is a reflection of the special connection between you and your significant other
  10. wow ok the prob here is that u have a much different definition of love than the normal way of viewing love usually ppl seperate love for one's family, friends, and girl/boyfriend from the love they should feel for all ppl ur condensing them all into the same love under your paradigm.... free love is all good under a different paradigm.... making love is something you give to someone special to your heart.... therefore the necessity for a relationship thats all so go head and make love with everyone you can
  11. As is with a lot of things..... it is impossible for us to really know We have not lived in a world where everything has not become a product of capital We have not lived in a world without widespread access to pornography or other technological ways of transferral of sexual knowledge so its impossible for us to really know how the original humans or even humans two generations ago knew wat to do i would say to u.... wat i've learned is that sex is pretty natural true tv and shit has "helped" me to pre-visualize sexual relations but when doing it, truly it just felt right it did help that she also happened to be the love of my life..... so maybe thats just natural chemistry regardless i think an interesting intellectual thought would be to ask ur grandparents or maybe some old coaches will chime in on this discussion
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    NDT 2008

    will ther be any sort of webcast or anything like that?
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    NDT 2008

    Debates without critiques?!!!!! wat is this community coming too?!!!
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    NDT 2008

    can someone post the complete speaker list or is that not available?
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