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  1. hey does anyone have the results for MSU?
  2. 12:30 pm Elimination Round I 2:15 pm Elimination Round II 4:00 pm Awards in the Auditorium 5:00 pm Elimination round III Assuming the schedule went on like. this. I was wondering if they have the semi finals. My post came after Elimination Round 2 so thats why.
  3. Whats the best PEACE CORPS FILE SO FAR? Can anyone tell me, what type of Disads/Kritiks against it? Thanks!
  4. Can you specify the lab which 7 week has put a neg from it?
  5. Ok.. In my past two tournaments... I have hit this aff.. I have a neg file for this but it sucks so anyone can get me a good neg file for this... that would be helpful..second thing: Basically what their plan is that to promote authority for states thru a precedent set in 1995. What T's would you run for this case? What Disads?Advantages: Federalism and Child Abuse:also please tell me: how I would fight all of these advantages with cards and analyzing the points.. If clarification need: aim me..Thanks
  6. Which camp has the Best Neg T file?and Why? Because I have Northwestern, WFI? And If you are talking about a camp with labs... please specify the labs.. Thanks!
  7. Which camp has the Best Neg T file?
  8. Well, I want to know because My agent is the Congress and I would like to keep it and I want to find the strongest case for Gitmo because I experienced many different things with my case. I want warrants in the card with the tag. Because one of my cards say 30 communal conflicts will result in nuke war but nowhere in the card does it say that what the 30 communal conflicts. So I need one with good warrants.
  9. What camp has the best aff case of gitmo. If the camps have labs, please tell me which one. Preferabbly I would like one with the agent of Congress Thank You!
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