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  1. If you can get past T, terry v. ohio is a very good aff to run. Esp in novice.
  2. I have won with Fear of Crime. All you need to do is crystalize your arguments and sound confident. If the judge feels your confidence and you put it in laymen's terms, you can win with this.
  3. Finally, I hate it when the neg gets up and runs this. It pisses me off.
  4. There is no great on case neg for this case.
  5. This is a thread were I will post a plan and people will post with what they would run against it. My partner in crime will compile the arguments and post one long list. This will be a hopefull tool for people. First Plan: Terry v. Ohio - The plan changes the standard for a search from reasonable suspicion to probable cause. Possible Adv. - Racism, civil rights What would you run?
  6. Run T either/or means both.
  7. Rights Malthus all day. YOu will win every time
  8. 2leftfeet

    ID Neg

    Run T on search. This is a database, the USFG doesn't search they compile data.
  9. Hey, could I get that case. It looks really interesting. I am from Louisiana and it seems like this case may make an impact on the judges. Pm me
  10. The native american aff is topical if you get the right def. It can be won with easy.
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