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  1. why don't you love me i told you you could stay w/ me
  2. Someone prove to me the existence of god.
  3. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8520847761350501823 a little grainy but all in all good
  4. I fuckin emailed you and asked if you wanted to do it with the answer let the records show you were to fucking stupid to figure it out by yourself
  5. if no one minds i will put this out A man is in a cabin in the middle of the woods dead. What happened?
  6. Come on tuesday do you have glowstix or do you want me to bring them??
  7. Hey man it is just one party let it happen
  8. 1. I did not want to take regular speech class 2. The coach was hardcore 3. The people I meet and knew through db8 4. I liked it
  9. 1 nice triple post 2 I know By the way tony would you mind doing a glow stick show??
  10. Don't worry it will not be a rave but i am thinking of handing out glow stix I will not be doing x and i do love the song!
  11. I know i am going to have people park in the culddasac(SP) by my house
  12. are you coming?? bring the techno tony you better come too
  13. Because i dont have enough x or techno
  14. Your post count is now 666 never post again. By the way i am throwing a 6-6-06 party at my house there will be plenty to drink pm me for directions!
  15. Was it on paper or paper? Was it large? Was it small? Did he mean to burn it? Did he burn it to keep away from someone? Was it a magical force?
  16. Swf2010


    Me too I would like thank KS db8 and 4n6 for the good times and great friends
  17. This is a little bit illegit! Having us guess what random supernatural force he used to kill himself
  18. we are sad lonely people
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