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  1. Hi, We're still looking for judges. If you're available March 7 and 8, please contact me: itachibryan[at]gmail[dot]com Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Mr. Hyland, is the address I have for that school (25450 Riding Center Drive, South Riding, Virginia 20152) correct? I've never heard of South Riding...
  3. ... if interested, please contact me at itachibryan[at]gmail[dot]com Thank you.
  4. David, are you debating this year? I'm only asking b/c the only time I saw you last year was at VHSLs, and you're kinda hard to miss. (take that comment as you will, lol)
  5. eh, quick question, not worth starting a new thread over: for byes, that round counts as a win, and your speaker points for that bye round is the average of your speaker points in the other 3 rounds, right?
  6. Hrm. I wonder if news about the staph infection at Whitman will have any impacts on attendence...
  7. itachibryan

    WACFL 1

    no, we had to find a new sponsor. Instead of Mr. Williams being the sponsor for both LD and Policy, we now have completely separate LD-Policy-PF teams. We'll still be around. I'm pretty sure we're covered for all the WACFLs, VHSL, we'll be going to the usual away tournaments for us... yeah.
  8. lol, I really wanted to ask what would happen if TJ was the only school there, but decided that would probably come off badly. TJ is in ur tournamnet, flooding it wit novices? <--- really bad lolcats reference. sorry. I'll go hide in a corner now
  9. itachibryan

    WACFL 1

    Given I've only started like 3 threads... TJ is sending a boatload of people (relatively speaking. 8 is a lot for us, imo). We'll also have more people coming in to watch rounds.
  10. itachibryan


    TJ I believe Colin is going to Cornell
  11. I did that. We went for T in the 2NR and won.
  12. but ultimately, the arguments that women already serve in combat is unresponsive, isn't it? 1) it just proves why the ban should be lifted 2) their sexism advantages would probably stem off the fact that the removing of the ban would be a symbolic victory.
  13. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (VA) is looking to hire a CX judge, who lives in the Houston area, for the NCFL tournament during Memorial Day weekend. Rounds will take place on Saturday, 5/26, and Sunday, 5/27. Please PM if interested. Thank you.
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