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  1. I am writing a research paper on divestments and their effect on the genocide in Darfur. If anyone has the Michigan neg file from last year that has the divestment counter plan it would be much appreciated if you could tell me where I could find it.
  2. Z3R0

    Navy Aff

    I dunno how well this would work, but this is what I would try against it. CP Expand Coast Guard end strength. It gains competition by using the trade off D/A from Michigan 7 week and then net benefits can just be random coast guard advantages, mainly the one saying it helps with Navy power projection. The CP also gains the Oil Adv because CG protects Oil in Iraq, and it gains the China adv because they project help project the Navy's power. Nuke Sub D/A. Doesn't link to the CG CP because I am pretty sure the CG gets its funding from department of transportation, not DoD. Yea I can't really think of anything else lol, but these two arguments should be enough to beat it.
  3. Z3R0

    Indiana Next Year

    The Irony of this thread is that I ran Ks and CPs and did fairly well in Indiana lol. Its all about adaptation.
  4. I ran white collar criminals in the Armed Forces. It was amazing, untill judges started to get angry because there was no neg lit on it . The Advs were recidivism, prevent nuclear war through defense transformation (we saved money which is key to defense transformation, and dehumanization.
  5. Z3R0

    So..camp anyone

    JC Debate camp is really good if you don't mind going to Indiana. http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=971958
  6. I'm guessing your from Indiana or some other state that is extremely conservitive when it comes to plans. Basicly just say normal means and if people ask you what it is tell them that its porkbarrlel spending due to the introduction of PayGo by Congress, and if they say it is abusive then turn it. If they try to say that is abusive be like if we don't use normal means it gives the Aff unlimited ground on where they get their funding, and if you got it from some random place like a tax on the stock market then you destroy predictability and spike out of and spending or trade off D/A.
  7. Z3R0

    MSHSAA State

    Could that be the one Tyler and I ran at Parkway dealing with white collar criminals.
  8. Z3R0


    If Indiana debate sucks so much then why did 2 Indiana teams go 4-0 at Parkway and an Indiana team made it to final round? Not Even Doom Music can make your ridiculous assumption any less wrong...
  9. Z3R0

    Indiana Next Year

    Completed List Brebeuf--Greg and Alex, Chesterton Columbia City--Luci and Sarah, Chesterton Concord--Jay and Tyler, Chesterton Valparaiso--Luci and Sarah, Chesterton Southport--Brian and David, West Lafayette Munster--Arefin and Jon, Munster Logansport--Brian and David, West Lafayette La Porte-- John and Josh, Columbia City
  10. Z3R0


    I'll be there. Hopefully we won't get hit with a blizzard like last year
  11. Z3R0

    Debate and Dating

    I dated a girl from another school. It went ok for awhile. Then I started playing WoW and that was the end of that.
  12. Yeah, I was wondering what camps you guys are going to, because I need to find one lol.
  13. Is there any site or anything that specifly says that the cost guard can only hire so many people? I ask this because in the file the card talks about how they lack funded man power and not authorized.
  14. Yea, what do u guys think about next year?
  15. lol the plan is being implimented in china, there is my solvency. So leik teh plan is topical lolz.
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