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  1. shlee

    Newton Nov 9-10

    I have been noticing my increased interest in acorns, but no, I wasn't the squirrel.
  2. shlee

    Newton Nov 9-10

    Some of the people on the Varsity finals panel were: Molly McGuire, Gloria Funcheon, Brian Box, Will Swanson, Sam Davis, Jason Robinson, Hannah Born, Elliott Dickinson, and myself. I can't remember the other two.
  3. shlee

    Newton Nov 9-10

    I'll be there to judge.
  4. Yeah, more props to HOA. It's a good experience and a decent price. The go carts are a pretty wild time...beyond Mel pwning everyone, I remember a certain intentional pile-up...
  5. shlee

    Does your partner smell?

    Meh, allowing people to know about your coach's belief will probably skew the poll numbers.
  6. Name: Ashley Denney School: K-State Study: Political Science Debating: Yes
  7. ...They killed two mountain lions and don't even know they got the one that attacked. Ugh.
  8. Minor correction. Philip is a second year.
  9. turns case....sure you may get a hundred hours out of them now, but as a whole, fewer people do volunteer work <insert volunteering good stuff here>
  10. I'm not sure, but I think the actual point of that arguement is that if kids are forced to serve now, they won't volunteer later.
  11. Learn to spell. On your third, we'll curse as much as we damn well please, thank you. RE 4th: That is a matter of opinion. RE 7th: Ask that question again after they disown you. RE 8th: Your post disproves its own claim.
  12. Wow. Mad debate skills there. I am in awe.
  13. shlee


    Terrible thing: We didn't get a snow day.
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