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  1. I agree with Johnny, words cannot describe the way I feel. While I wasn't as close to Trevor as many of you were, I understand the impact that he had on everyone he met. Being a teamate of his for 2 years, he opened my eyes to alot of things I wouldn't have realized otherwise. He was always fun to room with at tournaments and always knew how to put a smile on your face with his laid back character. He will be terribly missed. While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil. ~John Taylor
  2. I think it all depends on which type of parli you’re looking at. Much like high school policy there are many different schools of thought and different circuits. Last year I debated at Hutchinson Community College and for the most part it was slow, more persuasion oriented debate like you would see at a basic Kansas Invitational. Many of the tournaments around this region and the local regions around the country are like this, including Phi Ro Pie which is almost exclusively this way. Most of the debaters on these circuits hate speed and anything to do with policy debate. Additionally, there is a national circuit in which debate is a lot more open to different arguments and generally speed (parli speed anyway) is accepted and encouraged. Policy is also highly favored and usually these debaters are CEDA/NDT fans and follow results and watch rounds as well, a large contrast to the people you find at Phi Ro. I think it all depends on which circuit you are looking at in the end. That’s why its so hard to compare parli and policy because of the large divide that you find on the collegiate level. In the end I think Parli and Policy are two very different forms of debate, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. I also believe that because they are different types of debate we shouldn’t always try to argue and find out which is “better debate”, that will always be determined by what you as an individual like and dislike about the two and in the end its like comparing apples to oranges.
  3. I wasn't trying to jump all over you, I just was telling you that the idea that parli requires work and "winging it" is just a broad generalization that we need to be careful of. I don't have a preference for either kind of debate, and don't really care if anyone else does either. I have learned a lot from my time in policy and now in parli and the idea that parli takes no work and no preparation I thought was something that needed to be addressed. While you may not have intended that to make that claim, I just perceived it as such and I apologize if I have interpreted it wrong and angered you. But like I said, I didn't take any offense from your comment, just wanted to clear the issue up.
  4. Thanks for clearing it up Harz
  5. I would be carefull about making warrantless assertions such as this, esspecially when you have never competed on, or seen much of the national parli circuit.
  6. jpc99_88


    It sounds as if West Kansas had a very strong year. Congrats to everyone, I hope to run into you in vegas, and best of luck at Nats!
  7. jpc99_88


    Congrats to Meriah, a job well done!
  8. jpc99_88

    Wichita C.F.L.

    Nah, balance out the judging...give Mrs. Wallace her shot to judge
  9. Ouch. I am not sure if that was nessisary.
  10. jpc99_88


    Does anyone have results? I heard it was a really good tournament as always and am interested as to how it turned out.
  11. Chad, I have said it before. I respect him for what he has done to give people like me an opporunity and he should be commended for that. I said I wouldn't lose that respect based upon this incident. I agree with you that their is a clear distinction between a persons personal life and professional life, I have made it clear his professional life is always what I respect. And BTW, I never tried to defend his actions. I never condoned his actions with my "disgusting comments". Just because you may interpret them that was doesn't mean thats what I meant. I simple said that if the allegations are true he will serve his punishment (ooo man how terrible is that, I am supporting his actions by advocating he be punished like everyone else), and than he should ultimitly be forgiven as we would expect the same. In short, if its true I continue to pray for the victim and everyother victim that suffers in this world, and I will support the legal system in whatever punishment it finds nessisary. He will have served his punishment and paid his debt to society, after that in my eyes he has been given justice. And Justice doesn't mean that we should never forgive someone for the crime they commit, if it was we would stone everyone who commits a crime. Additionaly, I appologize for ever commenting on this thread. I thought I would state my oppinion and be done with the matter. Obviously I have angred a few individuals without any intent to do so. I have stated an oppinion so please take it for what it is worth. If you truely have a problem with what I said just contact me and I will be glad to listen and respond accordingly. This is a sensative issue for me and a lot of individuals and it has gotten out of hand (I am partly to blame), and I think it is time we all just back down, and allow the first post of the thread to remain. All he wanted to do was show support to Mr. Young and the Buhler community, we have turned it into a debate of whether we should support him, whether we shouldn't, and to what degree he is innocent or guilty. These are debates that no one will win and only create more pain and hurt for those closest to both parties involved. Again I appologize for anyone I have angred by my comments and urge us all to let the legal system play out and make our own decisions accordingly, debating the issue and personally attacking people will never make the situation better.
  12. Whatever you say Zahra. We obviously don't agree and nothing you say is going to change my mind on the issue. You can line by line debate people all you want, but it won't do anything to change my perspective. I will just have to respectively disagree. End of story. If line by lining everything we say makes you feel better go for it. I still support Mr. Young
  13. 1. Alt Agent CP (Anyone can fund it) 2. Spending Disad (or some disad that links to US specific action) 3. If you have the judge, you can run a K on "FGM". I was looking at this aff earlier in the year and say a prety good K on this term from the World Debate Insititue camp that came out in August.
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