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  1. and how would you know? you absolutely nothing about me.
  2. this is true, but saying i voted on the google news ev sounds much more fun.
  3. The aff was water for the poor act. The 1nc was fiscal discipline, baudrillard disaster porn/security images, chinese sphere of influence DA, china cp, demo promo and case. the 2nr was case (hege and solvency), china da, china cp, and demo promo.
  4. who the hell are you? and I SAID consult NATO and/or [insert illegit K author] would be acceptable as either a plan or counterplan text. too bad you didn't listen and forced me to vote on the google maps 07 and mapquest 07 evidence on the plan flaw.
  5. congrats to all the teams, and I don't hate Brian and Eliot even though I was on the bottom of their 2-1 in octas and the 5-2 in finals. I promise. I told them before each round, all I wanted was consult nietchze...
  6. thanks for the disclosure, chief...i couldn't find it on the wikispaces for GSU/Vandy. whats this palestine wall business...it doesn't sound T to me...
  7. is there a typed manuscript available anywhere?
  8. I am a debater for the University of Florida, and debated on the national circuit while in high school, placing at nationals. I am willing to judge for any teams that need judging for tournaments in Florida and am also able to cut cards/files. PM me if you are interested.
  9. Marissa Silber isn't involved with the tournament this year...the judging should be kind of sporatic...a moderately qualified group it seems, but definately not Gbrooks. I'm judging though.
  10. Name: Kyle Robisch College: undecided...probably Indiana, Florida, Notre Dame or James Madison Debate: Hopefully, but not sure.
  11. its a good tournament, but the division was pretty small last year. i think there was like 34 teams and my and my partner got to sems and blue valley north hammer/janvrin lost in finals. and the judges were all very qualified.
  12. I might have to emerge out of my sulking due to a lack of policy debate second semester, just long enough to try this sports extemp.
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