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  1. Shae thanx 4 nt being an ass. Ill take into mind wat u said makes sence, and i really like debate sometimes but then sometimes i dont but i guess ever1 feels that way .
  2. First of all im not throughing a BF and i know that camp isnt only for captains. The issue is that i ddnt want to go and he promised that camp would help me improve and so i could be captain next year. And this is my last year im going to bee a senior next year so this is my last chance and i thought "Captain of the debate team" would look good on my college application but know i dont think ill be able to put it on their.
  3. hi every1 ive got a problem i think im gana quit debate. My debate teacher had me go 2 a debate camp in which i did not feel confortable with the promise that i would be capten next year and know he says that im not going to so i think im gana quit wat do u all think? Should i quit ? or should i stay? this is so unfair.
  4. thanx every1 i got alot of cards done
  5. i just wanted to say thanx for the help, and for the person that said try google i mean wat do u think that im stupid i already tryed that.If ur so smart how about u come up with something better then just google and no u cant say yahoo either. But for every1 else thanx, u guyz have been really helpfull.
  6. brain if u want specfics on the patriot act u should go to answers.com and type in "Patriot Act" it should tell u all about it and show immportant parts in the act and it will also give u links to other pages that can help. itz really easy 2 use and helpfull i use it all the time. hope u find some stuff
  7. Hi people i really really need your help. I'm @ debate camp and we're looking for articles so that we can turn to cards i have been searching like crazzy and i cant find any i swear ive been trying really hard but im just not good @ this . i would really appreciate it if anyone could help me. My topic is "soft power in the us" and itz for negg cards. If u find any aricles or have any in mind pleas let me no my e-mails dominicana_luv177@yahoo.com im not sure if we have mail on this but if we do u could just send it hear 2 thanx.
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